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It doesn’t matter how things look on the surface or how life has been exactly the opposite, as the Lord is working behind the scenes on your behalf. It doesn’t matter how hard you have been hit, how you’ve been humiliated, how your world turned upside down or how the enemy came to wreak havoc, as the Lord is turning things around because NOW it is your turn to laugh.   

The Lord is turning around the sounds of misery and mourning, brokenness and barrenness, disappointment and distress. Stay strong, stay in position and watch closely, “as the word that proceeded out of His mouth shall not return to Him void, but it shall accomplish that which He pleases” (Isaiah 55:11).

He is divinely realigning, readjusting and reactivating some things in the spiritual realm and He is getting you ready for a divine repositioning. He is turning the tide in your favor; so get your heart ready, for your position is changing.

The Lord shall reconstruct better than before. He shall reestablish, rebuild and restore! He is picking up the pieces. He is putting things back together for you when it looks like you have made an absolute disastrous mess.

NOW, this is already happening. Some of you know what I am talking about, so stay yielded to His promptings for this is just the beginning.

God is divinely realigning, readjusting and reactivating some things so that YOU are able to accomplish the mission and ministry He has for you. Stand tall, stay in position and sing your praises, as He is about to catapult you to an exalted position where you will have to be listened to!



During break time at school recently, the words of the Lord hit my spirit:

“I will unseat and uproot everything that has rendered you ineffective, inoperative, unproductive and unfruitful. I release My Spirit to hover in your life, and release you to believe that your situation is in the realm of a miracle!”

I believe the Lord is speaking to those who have been pulled back. I don’t know who I’m talking to, but you have felt the pang, pain and pressure, things never get better or never ever change, and you feel stuck. For years, everything that you have attempted has experienced opposition after opposition. You have had onslaught and countless obstacles, and suffered losses and dark depression.

There were times you asked the Lord why things were not working for you. You have faced a contrary wind that hampered your every move and blocked you from receiving your much-awaited blessing and breakthrough.

Now, the wind has shifted. The Lord is breathing upon those things you thought were dry and dead. “I will unseat and uproot everything that has rendered you ineffective, inoperative, unproductive and unfruitful. I release My Spirit to hover in your life, and release you to believe that your situation is in the realm of a miracle!”

That very thing that has held you back, hindered your success, shattered you to pieces and attempted to sabotage the plan of God for your life is now overturned and overthrown in Jesus’ name. Stay strong in this transition and FORTIFY your faith with His Word — things will never be the same! Yield, and He will build and rebuild you that “you may walk worthily of the calling which He has called you” (Ephesians 4:1). Yield, and our God will give you the power to accomplish ALL the good things your fearless faith prompts you to do.

Stand your ground (Ephesians 4:13) for there is a MAJOR shift in the atmosphere. Stay strong in this transition, as your breakthrough is near! 💕




A few days ago I had an encounter with the Lord where His Spirit took control of me and spoke with a voice that sounded like thunder:

“I, even I, am He. There is no other savior besides Me.”

I have profoundly sensed we have entered into a season where “the brutally wounded” are about to possess their promise. You have persevered, persisted, praised God in the midst of your pain and trusted Him in the most painful process.

People have dragged you through the mud, laughed at you, left you desolate and prayed for your downfall. But I saw how you poured your heart out to God and lifted your voice saying: “Lord, just let me touch the hem of your garment and I shall be made whole.”

People tried to beat you up and down, but “the Lord has heard your supplication and has received your prayer” (Psalm 6:9). Lift up your eyes, warriors — He is near!

You have pushed into your purpose and let God do what He needed to do. Now, watch as the Promise-keeper move and prove Himself true! 



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During my morning prayer, I had a vision where I saw columns of smoke rose from a city like smoke from a huge furnace, and the smoke darkened the air. As I looked closely, I saw the Statue of Liberty, and profoundly felt that the city is in danger!

I believe the Lord is calling His prayer warriors and soldiers of faith to pray for the protection of His people, the US, and the president. The spirit of terrorism is on the move and this onslaught could be IMMINENT.

Pray, pray relentlessly like you have never done before. The devil is on the move and I heard him and his evil horde roar!

I pray that no weapon that is forged against Mr. Trump, the US, and New York will be able to prosper. May GOD arise and all His enemies scatter! 



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The other night as I spent time with the Lord, I clearly heard Him speak: “Forgive and let go. I have something wonderful for you.”

This speaks volumes, and I deeply sense the Lord is sending a message to many believers in the body of Christ who are still imprisoned by wound, woe, resentment and bitterness. The Lord wants to remind you that the one thing that keeps you stuck in a rut and blocks you from receiving blessings and breakthrough is partial forgiveness and unforgiveness. I see you have been struggling with the thoughts of those who caused you damage, left you desolate, betrayed you and brutally hurt you. I hear you desperately cry out to the Lord, “What keeps me from receiving my much-anticipated blessing and long-awaited breakthrough?”

Forgive; completely forgive anyone who has wronged and wounded you, let go and let God remove the pain that is consuming you like cancer. You may have felt overwhelmed and overpowered, but God so desires to show you His overwhelming providence and power. He so desires to grant you total freedom from every entrapment or entanglement schemed for you by the devil. Release, let go and let God take you to the next level. Release and be released. And watch God execute what He promised! (Ezekiel 12:28)

Where you are now is not your final destination. But where the Lord is taking you requires forgiveness without reservations, fierce faith, devotion and determination. Forgive and let go. For the Lord is shifting things to favor you. What the Lord intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine. Lift up your eyes and you are yet to see things “you never thought could happen” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

“Forgive and let go. I have something wonderful for you.” The Lord may have caused you tremendous pain, but He also promised that “He will not stop you from giving birth to your new nation” (Isaiah 66:9). “Forget those things which are behind” (Philippians 3:13), forgive, move forward and move with the Lord, for He is getting you ready for a radical transition!





Today, the message of the Lord is like a fire burning deep within me, “There shall be no more delay (Ezekiel 12:28). I am making a way when there seems to be no way. I will remove anyone or anything for My will to be done in the lives of “the immovable.” The wind has already shifted, and in the natural, those things which are humanly impossible shall be made possible.”

I believe many have sensed the SHIFT in the atmosphere, and those who have stood immovable in the midst of the violent shaking and shifting shall see the mighty move of the Lord and eventually shout “Look, what the Lord has done!” “It is the purpose of the LORD that will stand” (Proverbs 19:21), and I am confident that He is moving rapidly, removing whatever needs to be removed and radically shifting things only He can.


The Lord will remove whoever needs to be removed for YOU to receive those prophetic words and long-awaited dreams and promises. He will remove whatever has hindered your increase, enlargement and advancement, and by His mighty breath, He will break them into pieces.

He is moving and making a way even in that helpless, hopeless and dead-end situation. Keep praising and prophesying as you were commanded; and as you praise and prophesy, there shall be a rattling sound and a shaking — your dead situations shall come back to life, and you will “shout for joy over your salvation” (Psalm 20:5).


The Lord is the one who demotes. And He is the one who promotes (Psalm 75:7). Just as Queen Vashti was banished for disobeying a royal decree (Esther 1:19–21), so will He banish anyone who would disobey and despise His decree. He shall replace the disobedient and disdainful and “give the title and position to Esther who is more worthy” (Esther 1:19).

He shall remove anyone who has blocked you from receiving your long-awaited breakthrough. Stay relentless, for He is coming like a mighty windstorm to execute His plan; He will come through. Get your heart ready; for the Spirit of the Most High will divinely connect and reconnect you to your destiny helpers and help you accomplish your God-given mission. Stay firm and steady in your faith because God will use you mightily, and MIGHTILY use that gift, fire and anointing that you are carrying for this season.

Everything that you went through — the hell, hurt, heartache and havoc — has been to position you “for such a time as this.” Trust the Lord with all of your heart and confidently trust Him in the process. You are being positioned for promotion for the life the Lord is preparing. He is now making a way, my friend, and this life is WAY BETTER than the one you have been living!



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I heard the words of the Lord boom today, “You have been seasoned for this season!” Instantaneously, the Holy Spirit took control of me and I deeply sensed Him speak, “I am using this hour as a season of preparation and promotion.” The Lord is speaking to many believers whose souls have been shred like a lion and strength sapped in the summer heat” (Psalm 32:4). Take heart; you are yet to see the mighty move of God, His miracles and the greatest manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Season, by definition, means to improve or enhance; to render competent through trial and experience; to accustom or inure by experience; to train; to make fit; to mature; to discipline. It also means to prepare for use; to temper; to harden; to toughen; to strengthen. (The Free Dictionary)


That GREAT BIG MESS happened for a reason. The adversary meant it for your destruction, but God meant it for your RECONSTRUCTION. The hurt, heartbreak, SHAME and suffering was beyond you could bear; nevertheless you have trusted the Lord and the process. You might have gone through the darkest pit and painful seasons of pruning and purifying, but the Lord has been preparing and positioning you for such a time as this.

You have been through hell, but the fire didn’t burn, break or destroy you. The very weapon that the enemy formed against you, God used it as a weapon to open the gateways for your new birth, new beginnings and breakthrough.


You have endured the painful process and have been seasoned for this season. Now the Lord is coming like a mighty rushing wind to clear the clutter and shift your situation. Watch, for this is what the sovereign LORD says: “None of my words will be delayed any longer” (Ezekiel 12:28). Watch and see; your breakthrough is just around the corner! 

I heard the Lord declare, “Instead of your shame you will receive double, and instead of disgrace people will shout with joy over your inheritance; therefore you will inherit a double portion in their land; everlasting joy will be yours” (Isaiah 61:7). Sons and daughters of Zion, God is restoring double for your trouble and YOU are coming back in FULL force.

You’ve been trained for such a time as this, matured, made fit and disciplined. You’ve been prepared for such a time as this, improved, enhanced, toughened and strengthened. You’ve been seasoned for this season, and you are about to see things you have been believing for. You have been seasoned for this season, and God is about to show you something you have never seen before! 



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Recently, the Lord has impressed these words on my heart “Justice is here!” Prophetically, I believe this is the time and season where “the seriously injured and inflicted” are about to witness God’s unparalleled glory, providence and power.

Watch, the Lord will mess with those who have messed up with you! Keep praising God in the midst of your pain and keep pressing in His strength — God will prove Himself true. Some holier-than-thou folks may have treated you like TRASH, but you kept pressing in and so discovered the wealth of TREASURES locked up inside of you. Keep pushing through — you are about to break forth and break through! They dragged you through the mud and prayed for your downfall, but they will be shocked when they see God LIFT you up. Stay in His presence; God has already deployed His ministering angels to help you recover and reach the mountaintop.  

God is stabilizing your faith and strengthening your frame. He is a just God and loves justice, and “is going to show you a sign for good that those who hate you, rate you and violate you may see it and be put to shame” (Psalm 86:17). This is what He said, “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, and the consuming locust, and the cutting locust, my great army which I sent among you” (Joel 2:25). It’s payback time; God will restore double for your trouble and He is about to do what He said He would do!

The word of the Lord never returns to Him void; know that He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. I deeply felt Him speak, “Your soul may have had enough troubles but keep holding on — for the time has come for you to laugh.”





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The words of the Lord were so strong today saying, “Reposition, warriors; recompense is coming!” He is calling forth His people for a season of shaking and shifting.

Recompense, according to The Free Dictionary, means to award compensation; to make a return; to compensate for loss, damage or injury. Synonyms — compensation, repayment, reward, remuneration, reparation, restitution, indemnity.

I deeply sense many have been through too much, LOST much and felt like the ground beneath them is shaking. The attacks have been so intense and the feeling of powerlessness is excruciating. 

But the Lord “has kept track of all your woes and wanderings” (Psalm 56:8) and is now waging war on the enemy who has come against you. He is about to overturn your adversaries and do things only He can do!

You will come to understand that the EXTREME pain you’re going through is divinely preparing you for something BIGGER than you could ever ask, think or imagine. God is repositioning you and is about to reveal things “no one ever thought could happen” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Stand still, for I see the mighty hand of the Lord flip the script and change your story. God will make things happen for His glory! Some of your vilifiers, disparagers and doubters will have to eat their words when they see God fulfill His promises. Stand strong; God is preparing a feast for you in the presence of your enemies (Psalm 23:5).

The scale of justice is moving. Realign, refocus and reposition, warriors; recompense is coming!




There is a clarion call for those who cannot have a move of God without obstruction, onslaught and opposition. The war may be raging but I want to encourage you to keep pressing on. Persist and press on, for this is what I heard from the Lord today, “I am bringing you into a spacious place.” He then reminded me of Isaac, who, despite OPPOSITION in digging wells, PRESSED ON; “and the Lord made room for him” (Genesis 26:22), so he gave God his best praise.

Isaacs, do not let down your defense and do not get distracted. People may have dragged you through the mud, disappointed you, despised you, discouraged you and wished you were dead. But there is One who will fight for you, who will not forsake you and who NEVER breaks His promise. Ignore your persecutors and perpetrators’ reproaches; pray for them, hold your peace. 

Keep moving, keep ministering; keep digging into the Word and dig even deeper. The contention, confrontation or conflict may be HUGE, but this is part of the process you must go through to be a Divine Digger. Do not relent and do not retreat, as multitudes will joyfully draw water from the wells of deliverance, healing and salvation. It won’t be long; you will see the fruit of your labor so keep pressing on.

God never breaks a promise; He Himself will enlarge your border and establish you. Stay relentless during tough and tumultuous times — He will come through. This is your crucial season where you have to STAND YOUR GROUND and STAND STRONG IN YOUR FAITH — God is working on your case. “He is making room for you to be fruitful and to flourish” (Genesis 26:22), and He is about to bring you into a spacious place!



I felt this so strongly today and could not wait but share with you a message the Holy Spirit gave me this morning. I heard the thunderous voice of the Lord speak, “I am not a God of the dead but of the living; now get up, that I may show you My goodness in the land of the living! 

“‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’ (John 11:25); I want to touch your dying dreams, even dead dreams, with My resurrection power. I am who I say I am and I am speaking to you who are mourning and in misery to get up, for it is not over until I say it is over.”


I believe the Lord is talking to mourners and miserable — get your hopes up. “Stop grieving over distressing stinking situations” (2 Samuel 13:19), STOP! The dreams God has placed in your heart may be at the point of death or have already been buried. I hear you — you are utterly discouraged and devastated! Your dreams are decayed and stinking. God’s promise has never come to pass; things look BLEAK and you think you have lost everything. But I want to encourage you to get your hopes up, to stand up and stand tall. Remember, our God specializes in things called DEAD and impossible.


Your dreams may look dead, and situations look doomed, helpless and hopeless to the natural eye. But your hope is God alone — you have to push on and prophesy! “Prophesy to the breath” (Ezekiel 37:9), and watch and wait God step in and drastically cause major changes and courses. PROPHESY to the breath, and watch and see the Mighty Resuscitator breathe life into your seemingly impossible circumstances!


Can you feel the Lord breathe on that issue? Now, wipe off your tears, get up and get your hopes up as high as they will go. Do not be afraid. The Lord is talking to you now like He was talking to Martha when He was about to raise Lazarus from the dead. Raising the dead to life is but a little thing in the eyes of God; He is mighty to save! Jesus told Martha, “Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believe?” (John 11:40)

The wind of God is blowing and He is dramatically changing the atmosphere. Get your hopes up, things will get better. Your dying dreams and stinking situations are experiencing a fresh prophetic wind in this season. Get up and call out the dead in a loud voice — for this is your time of resuscitation and resurrection!




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I had a vision where I heard a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and suddenly saw the Spirit of the Living God come down from heaven. Immediately, the Spirit took control of me and I felt Him speak, “I’ll take you places you have never been.”

In response, I heard myself say “Blue,” and saw something around the Holy Spirit that looked like a shield made out of sapphire and was as blue as the sky, but with a blink of an eye, I was transported to another dimension. Now I found myself in a VAST place where I clearly saw a multitude of people and the Holy Spirit as their Seal, Shield, and the “Rock of their Salvation” (Psalm 89:26). Sadly, there were also people who, unbeknownst to them, were unsaved, uncovered and unsealed. I deeply sensed many of them were desperately crying, “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed!” (Jeremiah 17:14)


Blue represents heaven; spiritually, it signifies the Healing Power of God and biblically represents, the Word. In Matthew 9:21, the woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years said within herself, “If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole,” and blue was the garment hem of the Lord.

I believe God is sending forth His message to His anointed messengers and ministers to keep standing on His Word and sharing the Uncompromising Word of God despite opposition, oppression, tremendous hurt, humiliation, attack and adversity. The LORD is about to show you a glimpse of heaven and He is now moving you to the frontline of your destiny. Deeply, I feel some of you are experiencing a fresh prophetic wind in this hour and season. This wind is changing your status, story and situation.


The wind of the Spirit of the Living God is blowing and is causing drastic and dramatic changes. I heard Him whisper to my heart, “Your God will cut off before you the nations you are about to invade and dispossess” (Deuteronomy 12:29). Watch and see, this is your breaking season! You are breaking new ground and taking new ground, and the Wind of Change is taking you to a higher dimension!

God is taking you places where multitudes of people are in desperate need of salvation, healing — physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually — and deliverance. It’s about time to arise, take off and advance! Prepare your heart — the Lord is about to get you out of your comfort zone. You are going to step out into the unknown, and your relentless faith is going to open you a new horizon!



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I heard the voice of the Lord speak, “Stand up and stand tall; let your losses teach you lessons.” Now, I deeply felt the Lord is telling some people to “STOP grieving over distressing situations.” (2 Samuel 13:19)

God knows that you are in the midnight hour where you have poured your heart out to Him saying, “Lord, remember me for I have solely put my hope in you.” He has heard your supplication and has sent this message, “Take heart for I am The Great I Am, and as I promised I will come through.”

Take hold of His PROMISES even if you feel overwhelmed and overpowered, and things look opposite. The One who has called you is faithful and “He will hasten His word to perform it” (Jeremiah 1:12). Stand up and stand tall, for the next few weeks will be significant for you. Stand up for what you believe in — God is breathing on that issue!

He is doing something in the supernatural realm and I deeply sense the tide is turning. There’s something better coming, there’s something bigger coming. Stand up, stand tall and stand on His Word — you don’t want to miss this. There will be a sudden and sensational shift that will expand your influence, enlarge your territory and bring unusual increase!




I deeply felt the Lord whisper to my spirit, “I am raising up more forerunners in this hour and in this season. I am raising up “the broken,” “the wounded” and “the wrecked” to wreck the works of the enemy with the weapon he utilized against the sons and daughters of Zion!” 


In this season, I believe the Lord is lifting up those who have been humiliated. “He is strengthening the frame” (Isaiah 58:11) of those who have felt under attack and have been afflicted. The cry of the desperate and destitute has been heard; now the Lord is lifting them up to NEW HEIGHTS with a new level of fierceness and furiousness. Marked by the power and presence of the Lord, He is stabilizing them to their highest level of faith, and with tenacity and toughness. 


I sensed the Lord say, “Becoming the forerunners I intended you to be cost you everything. But now YOU are rising under the new anointing power of the Holy Spirit and MY fresh outpouring.” I deeply sensed the Lord’s miraculous hand has been upon you to render the devil utterly powerless and make him regret ever messing with you. You are the King’s mighty warriors; you’ve fought hard and learned to wage war, and though BRUTALLY wounded, you have pressed in and pushed through.

You’ve kept going. You’ve kept pushing. Now you know the ground-breaking power of the Lord — He turns the city into a heap of rubble, a fortified town into ruins and brings down every high fortified wall. Now you know the fire burning in your heart is unquenchable! You are about to receive a greater revelation of His unquenchable love for you. Keep pressing in and pushing through!


You are emerging stronger and with increased power. His life-giving force in you is taking you higher. Keep going, for you will lead many into a DEEPER ENCOUNTER with the Lord and you will be known for revival. Watch, for there is a radical reversal!


This is your appointed time — the Lord of Hosts is radically turning the tide in your favor. He is ready to show the greatest demonstration of His providence and power, and “YOU are yet to praise Him MORE and MORE” (Psalm 71:14). This is your appointed season, and the Lord of Hosts is raising you up. “He is sending support from Zion” (Psalm 20:2) so you can FULLY recover and reach the mountaintop.

In the name of the Lord of Hosts, you are raising a banner and moving forward to attack the devil and his cohort, and send them back to their territory. Right now, I can hear a sound burning within your hearts: the sound of inexorable victory! The adversary has never learned, and will soon taste the bitterness of defeat. I deeply felt the Lord say, “Warriors, I know how costly the price has been, but trust ME; you have My Word and as I promised your victory will be great!”



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I heard the Spirit of the Lord boom, “I am who I say I am and I am a barrier breaker!” Oh, this speaks volumes, and prophetically, I believe this speaks to those who have been ruthlessly KNOCKED OUT, to those who have been relentlessly MOCKED and to those who have been BLOCKED from succeeding and going higher.


Like wheat, you have been at the threshing floor. You have been whipped, well-trodden, squashed, squeezed and stretched like never before. The whipping, squeezing and stretching were beyond description. You almost lost your mind; your soul screamed and your heart swam in the river of anguish, adversity and affliction.

But I heard the Lord say, “It was good for you to be afflicted so that you might learn My ordinances” (Psalm 119:71). He is telling you that it was good for you to go through the most painful learning curve and the most painful process. The rift and sift was inexplicable. But “God stood with you and strengthened you” (2 Timothy 4:17), and He never let you go through it all.


Thank God for the rift and sift has stirred up the gift inside of you causing your spirit to rise higher and higher. He has made you stronger than ever. He has poured out His Spirit upon you to strategically prepare, position and propel you years ahead. Stay relentless for “He watches over His word to perform it” (Jeremiah 1:12); He will fulfill His purposes for you and will not let you be disappointed.


The ground is breaking. There is a great shaking happening! I sense the Lord say, “Stand immovable, for you are going somewhere. Your time has come and you are about to enter into a season of ground-breaking anointing and the greatest manifestation of My turnaround power!”

Watch and see, it’s happening — God is breaking down the walls of Jericho! He is breaking down the BARRIERS that have held you back from receiving your long-awaited breakthrough. Whatever has hindered your increase, enlargement and advancement for months, years or decades is now being broken into pieces. Every barrier designed to hold you back from your desired portion and prosperity is being burnt to ashes.

God is moving; He is rapidly moving. Can you feel the ground shaking? When you see why God had you go through hell and havoc, you will be blown away. Stand immovable, as God is realigning and rearranging some things, and has immovable blessing coming your way!



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We will be entering into a year of fire, flood and accelerated fruitfulness, both SPIRITUAL and NATURAL, and it will be a year of PROMOTION for some, but for others DEMOTION. 2019 will be marked as a year where fires and floods will inevitably increase in the four corners of the earth, but it will also be marked as a year of the Lord’s UNPARALLELED power and provision.

As I sit with the Lord, I clearly heard Him speak, “This will be a year where the Davids and Daniels shall arise and advance.” They will be unstoppable, and as the LORD has promised them “HE alone is their inheritance.” (Deuteronomy 18:2) 


In 2018, a large indefinite number of Davids and Daniels have suffered inevitable losses from fire and flood, and the damage is but devastating. I see some have already recovered, but there are still those who have been swimming in the sea of sorrows, self-pity and suffering. 

You may have sunk into the miry depths; you may have drifted into floodwaters, and the floods engulf you (Psalm 69:1-2). But your cry for help has reached the Heart of Heaven and He has come to your rescue.  


Wipe off your tears, for this is not the time to grieve and groan. The fire may have been EXCRUCIATING but it was CRUCIAL for your promotion. You may have felt like a piece of wax paper in a blazing furnace, but the fire didn’t burn, break or destroy you. Quite the opposite, it was used to open the gates for your new birth, new beginnings and breakthrough.


Arise, the Lord will grant you support from Zion. He may have caused you tremendous pain “but He will not stop you from giving birth to your new nation” (Isaiah 66:9). God is strategically positioning you to magnify what He has purposed and planned. He will bring down every barrier blocking you from your “Promised Land.” He is divinely preparing, propelling and positioning you for more. Advance, as there will be a sudden and sensational shift that will bring fruitfulness and the flood of God’s favor.


The Lord has anointed and appointed you for such a time as this. You may have been through too much hell and havoc but watch — He is about to show you how supreme His power is! His mighty breath is now blowing upon you. You are about to put His glory on display as He will fill you with His fire until you overflow.

Hear His heartbeat for He is about to fling wide the floodgates of heaven. He is calling His remnant in all nations to be prepared to see things no one ever thought could happen” (1 Corinthians 2:9). Watch, many shall witness the greatest manifestation of His power and provision, and shall cheer and celebrate! The Lord has started shifting many things in the supernatural realm, and in 2019, the gates of heaven are about to fling wide in an accelerated rate!





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Just when the desperate and destitute sigh as if all hope is gone perpetually, the Lord will step in and deliver. “For the oppressed will not always be forgotten; the hope of the afflicted will not perish forever” (Psalm 9:18).

The Lord has seen the devastation of the afflicted and heard the groaning of the needy. Now He will arise for I heard Him thunder with His wondrous voice, “Your adversity, calamity and extremity are My opportunity!”

The Lord of Hosts is “sending help from His holy hill and support from Zion” (Psalm 20:2). He has already dispatched His warring angels to attack those who are under attack and are strategically set up for destruction.

This is what the Lord says, “Now I will rise up to rescue them, as they have longed for me to do” (Psalm 12:5). Grievers and givers, arise; for the Lord is coming through for you! He will step in and speed up your deliverance and salvation. He is on the move, and dramatically, will shift your situation.

The Lord saw you sorely weep. But take heart, for you are about to leap! He will radically turn the tide in your favor. He is going to show a greater demonstration of His providence and power, and “you are yet to praise Him more and more” (Psalm 71:14).

Stand up for what you believe in, and firmly believe that the extremity of your battle is explicative of your breakthrough. Arise, grievers and givers; for the Lord is about to give you a good break that can put you into overflow!




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I had a dream the other night where I clearly saw these words, “A prayer and a calling, a prayer and a calling — that’s how you win!” I believe this message is for many warring soldiers who are in the midst of BRUTAL battles, have had attack after attack, bleeding and brutally beaten. 

You believe you have a strong impulse; you believe you have that inner urge, a divine calling. But you ask “Why are things not working?” You have shed some tears and bled. You’ve been in the midst of a formidable situation that lasted longer than you expected. You are BROKE; you’re battered. You have felt oppressed and overpowered.

But the Lord Almighty has sworn, “Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will happen” (Isaiah 14:24, NIV). The war may be raging but the Lord of Heaven’s Armies has sent you a word to keep fighting — you are born to win! 

Don’t you ever give up, don’t quit. Satan may have brutally beaten you up and down, and is laughing like lunatic, but watch: “the God of peace will soon crush him under your feet” (Romans 16:20). Take your stand; you are a fighter, not a failure. God is preparing you, and strategically spreading your wings that will take you to new heights, to rise above your limitations and to SOAR.

Keep warring, keep worshipping; keep PRAYING and keep praising! As you do, these attacks, assault and opposition will soon bow before the King. The King is on your side; He is fighting your battles and arranging things in your favor. You may think you have lost everything but watch — what He prepared for you goes “far beyond anything that you have asked for!” (Ephesians 3:20)

Your destiny is calling you. Push into your purpose and push through. Keep pushing into your purpose and keep pressing on. God is moving whatever needs to be moved for “THE IMMOVABLE” to be in position. No devil and no hell can stop Him, and He is now moving you to the frontline of your destiny. Watch, on the other side of your greatest pain and deepest sorrow lies your biggest breakthrough, blessing and God’s bounty!



I saw a heart profusely bleeding — it was in DEEP SORROW. I heard it cry, “Why me, Lord: why did I go through what I went through?”

Because He is, trust Him — He has got this. You may not understand His plan but trust Him and the process. He loves you so fiercely and furiously that He had to smash your plans before they smashed you. You may have gone through hell and havoc, and painful seasons of purging and purifying but He will come through! 

What you went through didn’t go unnoticed. It may have been the WORST, but push through, push into your purpose and prepare for God’s BEST. Let Him satisfy you in a sun-scorched land and strengthen your frame. Let Him repair and prepare your heart to “give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden wealth of secret places, so that you may know that it is the LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name” (Isaiah 45:3).

The Lord has called, chosen and commissioned you for such a time as this. It’s time to press forward and possess His promise. People may desert you and leave you desolate but “He will stand with you and strengthen you” (2 Timothy 4:17). No matter how hard it is or how hurt you may feel, keep pushing through. He is preparing you for more. Prepare your heart and make room for your future.

Remember that some people cannot go where the Lord is taking you, but “keep pressing on” (Philippians 3:14). Hold your head high, for you are about to see the greatest manifestation of His TURNAROUND power — and everything will make sense soon! 



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I was sitting before the Lord today and had a vision — I clearly saw Mr. Brett Kavanaugh crying Psalm 56:4, “In God I will praise His word, in God have I put my trust, I will not be afraid; what can flesh do unto me?” He strengthened his heart knowing the time was coming when God would turn the tables around, and in the end he would look in triumph over his enemy. 

Boy, I felt his pain; I couldn’t help but cry, and suddenly heard God whisper to my heart, “I delivered him from six calamities; no evil touched him in seven. Behold, the wicked will stumble into ruin!”

Behold, God is his Helper and the Lord is his Defender. He will save him by His Name; and will vindicate him by His power!   



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There is a sound from heaven like a mighty rushing wind” (Acts 2:2). I can hear the wind blow now with this message, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” (Jeremiah 29:11).

This message is not for everyone, but for those who have CLEARLY heard God’s voice and have kept holding on regardless of their circumstances. The enemy is still in the business of sabotaging God’s plans and smashing your heart to pieces, but God’s “hot breath pours out like a flood up to the neck of His enemies” (Isaiah 30:28). 

Hold your ground. For I hear a mighty sound. You may be overburdened and overloaded. You are exhausted beyond words — your strength is drained and depleted. But I see your labor in the Lord; you have prayed unceasingly, praised, prophesied and kept pressing on. I see it has been years — you have longed for a radical transition.

Watch, the Spirit of the Living God is rushing to you and shifting you! He is rushing to you now; His breath is blowing away your trauma, turmoil, wreckage and woe. He is blowing and dramatically changing the groans and griefs of many warring worshippers. He is transitioning the weepers to the “River of His Pleasures” (Psalm 36:8) from the “Valley of Tears” (Psalm 84:6).

He is coming through for you. He’s an all-consuming fire and His love is breaking through. He is resuscitating and reviving you even now as I am writing this. He is breathing upon dead dreams, destiny, mission, ministry, family and finances.

Breathe Him in — keep pumping your spirit with the Word and keep pressing on. You are stepping into a new season. You have to have relentlessness and rigidness to see God’s promises manifest. You have to be fierce and fearless to see your expected end” as He promised. God will take you where you need to be and take you from glory to glory for His glory. Now listen and hear Him say, “See now that I alone am He; there is no God but Me.”

Keep pumping your spirit with the Word, and the Word will drive you to your destination. I see you are almost there, so keep pumping and pushing through — He is rushing to you now and moving with unprecedented speed and acceleration! 



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We have entered into what is called to as “God’s Holiest Day,” the Day of Atonement, YOM KIPPUR. I sense this is the hour and season where there will be a great stirring, shifting and divine ROAR.

I have released the word ROAR for months now and to make it loud and clear, to ROAR means to shout out; to utter a loud, deep extended sound as in anger or excitement; and to stun with deafening noise as cannon, waves or thunder. It is also defined as to FUNCTION OR MOVE with a loud, deep sound; to express joy; to LAUGH LOUDLY or boisterously; and to make a loud noise as of wind or water.

There has been a ROAR, and a significant shift in the air — this shift has caused life-giving force to blow into the nostrils and mouths of God’s warriors and “His broken vessels.” This is the hour of healing and high hopes, and the remainder of the year will be very unusual on many levels.


In the past season, many of you have inexplicable wounds but have stood immovable even in the most furious battle, brokenness, losses, pains and hopeless situation. You thought your situation was beyond repair — how your heart screamed and swam in the sea of sorrows — but I heard a voice from heaven saying, Say to your soul, ‘The Great I Am is the God of your salvation.’”

I felt the Lord speak, Nevertheless, the time will come when I will heal Jerusalem’s wounds and give it prosperity and true peace” (Jeremiah 33:6). Deeply, I sense you are being HEALED — revived, renewed, restored and rejuvenated — and the Lord is breathing life into your hopeless situation and restoring health, relationships and lost promises.


The Lord is changing your circumstances; KEEP PUSHING THROUGH and “PRESSING ON” (Philippians 3:14). The RIFT — the split, shake, severance — may have been excruciating but it was necessary for your promotion. He is stirring up the gift inside of you and causing your spirit to rise higher and higher. He is thrilled to see you enter into a season of ground-breaking anointing and the greatest manifestation of His turnaround power. 

I heard the Lord whisper to my spirit, “I have poured out My Spirit upon many SURRENDERED HEARTS; I am preparing and positioning My sons and daughters for what they have been waiting for.” Warriors, know that the Lord has anointed and appointed you for such a time as this — to ROAR!

Keep pushing through. His eyes are upon you. “The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth to show Himself strong on your behalf” (2 Chronicles 16:9). Warriors and broken vessels, your mourning is over; it is about time to shout out, to STUN with deafening noise as cannon, waves or thunder, to FUNCTION OR MOVE with a loud, deep sound, to express joy and to LAUGH! 



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The Lord is raising YOU up, you who are fierce, firm in the faith and fearless. You are not only called but chosen and commissioned, and everything that you have gone through — the HELL, havoc, tremendous hurt, heartache and humiliation — has been to position you for such a time as this.


In the Spirit, I saw the Lord of Hosts rise up like a mighty warrior and make Himself known. Instantaneously, I heard Him speak Zechariah 9:9 to my heart, “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, your King comes unto you: he is just, and having salvation.”

I saw the Lord coming like the wind and blowing off of you the hindrances that have hindered you. His fire was coming down from heaven to consume every blockage that has blocked you from succeeding and going to a higher level where God’s glory and His goodness overflow. 

The Lord is coming like the wind to clear the clutter. There may be shaking, sifting and stirring happening right now but take heart, salvation is near!


The Lord wants you to arise, sons and daughters of Zion. He is opening your eyes and ears to receive “rivers of revelation.” He is strategically positioning you to amplify what He has planned and purposed. In this season, many will hear MORE clearly what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, and discern the promptings and nudges of the Holy Ghost.

He has released His all-consuming fire, and I see many will arise with fresher visions and receive greater revelations from the Heart of Heaven. Watch, there is a sudden and sensational move of God, and I deeply sense UNUSUAL things will begin to happen!


“But I the Lord will speak what I will, and it shall be fulfilled without delay” (Ezekiel 12:25). The Spirit of the Living God is on the move and moving in ways far greater than words can say. I sense that many will see new pathways, closed doors being opened, divine opportunities and fresher strategies for INCREASE, TRIUMPH and SUCCESS. The DESPERATE for God will experience more of His favor, and feast on the abundance of His storehouses.

There has been a great shaking, sifting and stirring but TAKE HEART, the wind has already shifted. Raise the roof, sons and daughters of Zion, and look forward to what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies has for you in the days ahead! 



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For over a week now, I have been seeing the word “green” in every direction. The other day, while watching praise and worship on YouTube, there was a Japanese ad みどり(“Midori” means green), and that moment I felt my heart leap and how I uttered, “OK, Lord; You got my attention.”

I deeply sense that God is sending a message to those who have felt defeated and have been in a place of despondency, desolation and drought. You have felt utterly weary, weak and worn-out. You’ve felt beaten up, beaten down, overwhelmed, overpowered and struck in every direction. I sense many are in this place right now and if this is you, I want to encourage you to keep holding on.


The color green symbolizes life, hope, growth, freshness, restoration, prosperity and fruitfulness. Green is also associated with money and finances. It has healing power and is believed to be the most tranquil color for the human eye to view. I felt the Heart of Heaven has been saying, “Take heart; there’s hope, healing and restoration for your sorrow; there’s fruitfulness waiting for your tomorrow!”

There’s a violent stirring and shaking happening right now but stay grounded. “You will be rewarded for this; your hope will not be disappointed” (Psalm 23:18).


The ruthless opponent is working round the clock and has thought he knocked you down, but I see you keep getting back up. I see there’s a radical reversal and the Lord is helping you recover and reach the mountaintop! Your hope will not be cut off; keep pushing through and pressing on. “For the LORD takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation” (Psalm 149:4).

God will beautify you and will bless you. Keep pushing through! Remind yourself you are a victorious warrior. “For surely there is an end” (Psalm 23:18), and after this war is over, you are going to come out tougher than before. You are coming back with increased power. God is increasing you; He is releasing His life-giving force in you and taking you HIGHER.


He will lead you through the terrible drought and desolation. Where you have been attacked and afflicted, you shall be granted salvation. Where you have suffered lack and inevitable losses, you shall enjoy increase and fruitfulness. Where you have endured unbearable pains and faced financial crisis, you shall rejoice in His abundant goodness!

God shall send you help from the sanctuary and support you from Zion. He will show you His glory — keep pushing through and pressing on! You and your family will not only survive. You are going to thrive! “He will bring water out of the flint rock for you” (Deuteronomy 8:15). “Take heart; there’s hope, healing and restoration for your sorrow; there’s fruitfulness waiting for your tomorrow!”



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I had a vision where I saw Mr. Trump in what apparently looked like an Exhibition Hall. Looking further inside, I saw eight statues wearing jewelries worth more than hundreds of millions of dollars, red laser lights covering the place, and in the corner, I saw the President of the United States standing tall.

Perplexed, I asked the Lord, “What is Mr. Trump doing there?” The sense was so profound and I felt danger after danger. I could see the red laser lights but the President could not — these were LASER CUTTING lights set up to tear him apart! When I saw Mr. Trump taking steps to accomplish his mission, I cried out “Lord, protect Your servant for he is a man after Your own heart!”

Eventually, I started praying and speaking in tongues, and suddenly I heard the Lord speak to my spirit, “He can see the danger for I have given him the eyes of a tiger. His eyes are set on the goal desired; he walks in perpetual hunger and will come out unscathed with persistence and will-power.”

I learned that a tiger’s inexhaustible hunger drive intensifies its senses to live in a persistent readiness to watch, attack and consume. Its blazing gaze melts the will to fight of any adversary who dares lock eyes with it, and then BOOM!

I felt relieved, but I felt the urge to pray for President Donald Trump and this beautiful nation, the U.S. God knows I’m not a political person but I am just madly in love with this country as the Lord has also revealed to me this would be my “Land of Promise.” The Exhibition Hall apparently stands for The White House and the USA, and the 8 statues symbolize Mr. Trump’s 8 years of heartfelt service as the country’s president. However, the slanderer and the accuser roars like a hungry lion, “seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8) and scheming to utterly destroy Mr. Trump, divide this country, deceive the people and overthrow the government.

Countless red laser lights are against the President and are attempting to destroy God’s anointed and appointed leader. They are in RAGE and will join forces to subvert an established law, authority and order. They will move with great violence and intensity. They will do every possible way they can to seize control of the nation’s majority.

But God’s eyes are on His people and His chosen leader who puts his life on the line to win over demonic jackals and a terrorist organization. He is fierce and fearless, fights a good fight of faith and growls for violent intercession!

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Timothy 2:1). Pray warriors; may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace ♥ 



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Increase, according to The Free Dictionary, means to become greater or larger, to reproduce, to expand, to multiply, to magnify. It also suggests steady growth, to enhance, to advance, to heighten, to amplify, to intensify. 

Recently I heard a thunderous voice speak to my spirit, “The Lord of Hosts is increasing you; the Lord of Hosts is increasing you!” I felt the Lord was speaking to many “anointed vessels” who have been the targets of the Spirit of Assassination and attempted to break their necks and brutally break them to pieces before their breakthrough.


The devil has loosed the Spirit of Assassination to utterly destroy as many believers as possible, to see their hearts never get healed or they never ever recover. I sense there is so much seed of bitterness, betrayal and brokenness; there is desperation, discouragement and complete disaster. The devil doesn’t just want you to have a bad hair day but wants you to go through hell, havoc, doom, downfall, wretchedness and woe. “He wants to steal, kill and destroy you” (John 10:10).

Many have been under attack and are strategically set up for destruction. But the Spirit of the Living God has been running to and fro throughout the earth to strengthen the hearts of His “anointed vessels” who have become the targets of the Spirit of Assassination.


Look up and lift up your heads, sons and daughters of Zion! The Lord has seen the misery of His people; “He is aware of their tribulation” (Exodus 3:7). Take heart, “God is showing Himself strong on your behalf” (2 Chronicles 16:9). He has purged, purified and prepared you for such a time as this and used the heated furnace to make you even tougher than tough. The eternally defeated foe has designed plot after plot against your heart, health, mind, ministry, dream, destiny, family and finances. But “what the evil meant against you, God meant it for your good” (Genesis 50:20), to prepare your heart for what the Lord is about to release.

The Lord has been working behind the scenes on your behalf and is getting your heart in divine alignment. Watch, this is your season of UNUSUAL increase, expansion and enlargement!


There is a shaking and shifting taking place right now and I see some of you are ready for what is coming and what He is releasing. You have been swimming in the sea of sorrows and suffering but take heart, for here comes your divine release and rejoicing! There is going to be a greater demonstration of God’s providence and power. I have deeply sensed this and see many broken vessels are being made whole, more beautiful and tougher than ever.

Hold your head high, for this is your appointed time and season. The devil has plotted to see your downfall but the Lord is taking you to a higher dimension. The Lord has released new schemes and strategies, and I see He is increasing your strength and stability to stand in the process. He is INTENSIFYING your senses and INCREASING your wisdom to improve your victories.

Your eyes will see clearer than ever before and your ears will clearly hear the Heartbeat of Heaven. You are yet to see greater things for “He is able to do infinitely more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). Watch, I see you are breaking paradigms, breaking new grounds and being brought to a higher dimension. This is your transitional moment, and I see God stretching you beyond your capacity, spreading your wings and shifting you to a new horizon!




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In my quiet time recently, I felt the Lord of Hosts was using forms and forces of nature to carry out His orders. Just as “He makes the clouds His chariot and rides on the wings of the wind, so He makes the wind His messengers and His flaming fire His ministers” (Psalm 104:3-4). 

In the natural, everything around you may look bleak and you feel like your life has been exactly the opposite. But whatever the Lord has spoken TO you and OVER you, stand firm — for He who lives on high “watches over His word to perform it” (Jeremiah 1:12). Remember, God’s Not Dead! Stop worrying about how things look right now for He is setting you up to succeed.

In the Spirit, I sensed His winds swirl about, turning round and round at His direction, accomplishing all that He commanded them and made things happen to show you His loving devotion. I felt Him speak and stir up a tempest that lifted high the waves of the sea and was about to do a momentous change in your situation.

It is the Lord who makes the clouds rise at the end of the earth, who makes lightnings for the rain and brings forth the wind from His storehouses. And so it is He who speaks to you, “I am sending out My winds to fulfill My word and promises!”


The Downfall of Facebook!

It is not coming. It IS already happening.  They have grown powerful and proud, and provoke trouble that only brings disaster on them and their people. Their vanity has come up to HIS ears; their arrogance will lead to their downfall. 

“The Great I Am” has sent word after word and His messengers, but they will not listen and have despised and disregarded HIS name. Their god is their appetite and their glory is in their shame. Pride and prejudice are at the bottom of their transgression. I see that they are headed for destruction.  

“Return to the LORD your God, for you have stumbled in your iniquity” (Hosea 14:1). This message is not only for Facebook, but let those who have spiritual ears hear, and those who have eyes see. 

Should Facebook have any complaints and remove this post because it goes “against one of their specific Community Standards,” and they find this message offensive or abusive, please don’t hesitate to visit my website. “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” (Ephesians 6:10)



I deeply sense that something is headed your way and it is much better than what you ask for or imagine. You may have lost something and lost hope, but your inevitable losses are nothing compared to what is coming, for it is sent from the Heart of Heaven. Now hear me, I do not say this lightly but prophetically. God is working behind the scenes on your behalf and He has been moving strategically.

Engage with the Holy Spirit and experience the mystery of God’s providence and the depths of His power. He will literally shift your life and the atmosphere.

The Lord of Hosts is coming to give you relief, and your eyes rest. “He will come to your rescue with thunder and earthquake and loud noise, with wind storm and tempest” (Isaiah 29:6). He has kept track of all your sorrows, and all your tears He has collected. You have been wandering and have been through the worst but listen — the season has shifted!

The remainder of the year 2018 is significant for you. Stay close to the Lord and He shall breathe on that issue. SOAK in His presence and “unceasingly SEEK His face” (1 Chronicles 16:11). Do not lose heart or lose sight of Him — for then you shall SEE something supernatural is going to take place! ❤️



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In my quiet time with the Lord recently, I felt Him speak to my spirit, “In this hour, many Judahs, my power praisers, are being strengthened internally and externally so that they are able to stand firm against the devil’s schemes and strategies. In this season, many Josephs, the dreamers who patiently persevere in the face of hardships, are being saved for putting their fearless faith in Me and not in their overwhelming circumstances.”

Judahs, I see you are in a season of turbulence and are facing countless adversities and afflictions. Josephs, you are in the death pit, put to prison and are in overwhelming situations. Stand firm, all that you have gone through cannot kill you. The Great I Am has allowed this to happen for His glory — keep praising and pushing — He will see you through.

As long as you’re not dead, the Spirit of the Living God is not done. As long as you’re going to push, God has got a plan. Keep praising, keep praying and keep pushing. The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has spoken, “I am calling my Judahs and Josephs to keep praising and pushing; your season is turning!”

The house of Judah and the house of Joseph will share in the victory under God’s providence and protection. In the next 7 months to come, repayment, recompense, and restoration are coming to His people; they will sing for joy to the Lord and will be heard shouting, “Lord, You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion!” (Psalm 16:5, Passion)



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I had a vision where I saw the Lion of Judah in all His majesty and magnificence. It was like being hit by a crashing wave; I was utterly overwhelmed by His presence! I looked around, and I realized we were in a “field that was already ripe for the sickle” (John 4:35). When I looked again, I saw the Lion of Judah stand tall! He opened His mouth and I heard Him roar, “Let the LION inside of you arise!” Astounded, I saw the words coming out of His mouth; it was a divine surprise.

I have a strong sense of hope and encouragement from the Heart of Heaven. The Lion of Judah has spoken! This is for those who are “hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4:8-9). Take heart, for the word God has spoken to you and over you “will not return to Him void” (Isaiah 55:11).

Yes, there have been onslaughts and opposition. You have been through HELL and HAVOC and there is just too much going on. You have labored and loved but the people you thought would stay with you through thick and thin have left you hanging in the air, battered and blatantly broken. They despised you, labeled you as “delusional,” “despicable” and “deceived,” and you thought you were going insane. You are heavy-hearted. Your “strength is turned into the drought of summer” (Psalm 32:4), and you are beyond exhausted.

But watch — the Lion of Judah has stepped in! He has got your back and you are getting back up again. The Spirit of the Living God is moving on your behalf. Has He not purged, purified and prepared you for such a time as this, and used the fire to make you even tougher than tough?

You are pressing in His strength — you are being restored and replenished. You will increase; you will perceive it for His new level of anointing has been released. You just don’t know but you are about to discover the hidden treasures locked up inside of you. Keep pressing in His strength and watch closely — God is going to come through! “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest” (John 4:35). God has called, chosen and commissioned you, and through you, many nations will shake and shift, for His marvelous and mysterious ways are now about to manifest.

Arise, “let the LION inside of you arise, sons and daughters of Zion!” Advance; boldly DECREE and DECLARE God’s word over your season and your seemingly hopeless situation. For “He will take great delight in you; in His love He will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:17). Arise and advance — and watch and see the Lion of Judah roar and reverse everything! Ascend; be brave and bold and let Him bring out the BEST in you. Warriors, let the Lord DEEPLY work IN you and THROUGH you, and He will accelerate your long-awaited breakthrough!




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There’s a fresh wind of the Spirit of the Living God blowing, and this wind is causing drastic and dramatic changes. I believe some wounded warriors are experiencing a fresh prophetic wind in this hour and season, and this wind is blowing away their woes and changing their story, status, cases and circumstances.


Right now, I see many in the body of Christ are in an extremely ugly and uncomfortable situation. Some are experiencing birth pangs; some are in the midst of turmoil and turbulence and some are feeling overwhelmed as God is preparing them for the TRANSITIONAL SEASON. They have wept and wept until they can’t cry anymore, “but the Holy Spirit is moving on their behalf” (2 Chronicles 16:9). The Heart of Heaven has heard them cry “Lord, this is enough!”


Listen, “your cry of help has reached the Great I Am” (Exodus 3:9) and He has noticed your afflictions. In this hour, the Lord is moving with momentum and is shifting the atmosphere concerning disaster, distress, disappointment, dead and dry situations. There is a drastic and dramatic shift in the spiritual atmosphere. The Lord is transitioning His warriors whose hearts are YIELDED and SURRENDERED to Him as their Ultimate Commander.


I see some of these wounded warriors are shaking off the spirit of heaviness and putting on the garment of praise. I see them sing ♪ Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto the Ancient of Days  The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is breathing into your circumstances, restoring hope, lost promises and releasing healing, deliverance and breakthrough. He is breathing life into your dead and dry places and blowing off of you the hindrances that have hindered you.

I sense an excitement and expectancy in the air. God is dramatically shifting the atmosphere. Listen, the fresh wind is shifting your cases and circumstances. “This wind is taking you to new places where you will meet new faces!” The other day, I heard the Lord whisper “Fly July!” and instantly, I knew the Lord was talking to His warriors who are about to get out of their comfort zones. Sons and daughters of Zion, you are going to step out into the unknown, and your confident hope in the Lord is going to open you NEW HORIZONS!



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I had a dream the other day where I saw a throng of intimidators, oppressors, detractors and doubters closely gathered together, talking about me, laughing at me and calling me “A MESS.” Now, I strongly believe this dream speaks not only to me but also to those who have been brutally broken, browbeaten, hurt, humiliated and are still in the healing process.


These people kept talking about me like there was no tomorrow, and yes, they were unstoppable. They were gathered for a reason, the Christians and the Catholics, and I recognized them all. I saw myself crying and calling upon the name of the Lord, and instantaneously I heard the Lord respond “Justice is here!” He strengthened my frame, stabilized my faith and “made me swift-footed as a deer” (Habakkuk 3:19).


Swiftly, I stood up; the Lord gave me strength to release the Heart of Heaven. Then I heard myself shout “Justice is here” but these people would not believe and instead, they kept laughing like madmen. Seeing this, the Lord gave me a staff and I used it to produce something from the ground saying “Justice is here, justice is here!” Lo and behold, I saw Jesus in a flame on the burning cross and I heard Him whisper to my heart “You were shown these things so that you might know that the LORD is God; besides him there is no other” (Isaiah 45:5).

I heard one of the folks shout “Wait, I see Jesus on the cross,” but the rest of them were in utter shock and speechless. I was stunned, and all the more stunned when my biggest enemy, the one blocking my destiny, gave way, so I could enter into my Land of Promise!


Get ready, people, for the Spirit of the Living God has been preparing, propelling and positioning you. He is going to give you a staff; He is going to come through! The Lord will give you that very thing you NEED to accomplish your mission. Stay firm and steady because God is using that gift and anointing that you are carrying for this season.

God is about to show your enemies and unbelievers something like they have never seen before. This is the season; the Lord has heard your prayers and is moving swiftly — your eyes are about to see things you have been praying for! The dream God has placed in your heart and has been there for a long time is about to come to fruition. Get ready to take off, sons and daughters of Jerusalem, for this is what I hear “I will exult in the LORD, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation!” (Habakkuk 3:18)


“You Are About To Step Into Something You Have Been Waiting For”

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I was having my devotional a few days ago and heard the Lord whisper “You are about to step into something you have been waiting for.” His words echoed in the air; He was telling me that He’s going to display the wonders of His furious love to those who have been “worshipping while waiting in line,” to His mighty men and women of valor.

I believe this message is for them who have been waiting for the mighty move of God to perform miracles and to display mega wonders. The Lord wants to speak to everyone who have been “WAITING IN LINE” — listen to those who have ears!


In the spirit, I saw many men and women of valor kept walking with heads held high though some people walked out on them, wrote them off and utterly forsook them. I saw some folks attempted to cripple their God-given dream. These mighty men and women of valor uttered, “Let all that I am wait in silence before the Lord, for He only is my strength, stronghold and salvation.” They were worn out from sobbing and flooded their beds with weeping — they languished on account of their affliction. Their hands were stretched out to the Heart of Heaven. I heard them cry Isaiah 54:10 “Lord, though the mountains crumble and hills collapse, yet Your unfailing love for me will not be shaken!”


Listen — you may have journeyed through a LOOOONG dark night but look, the dawn is now breaking! “Behold, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth; this is the time for singing” (See Solomon 2:11-12). Whatever the Lord has planted in your heart, He is more than able to bring it to fruition. Keep walking, for you are one step closer to your God-given destination. God knows your dreams and desires; He is the One who put them deep inside of your heart. He knows you have been walking through HELL; He knows those people you thought would be there for you have torn your heart apart.


You have been through the fire and ferocious battle and are standing STILL. You have come this far, now the Lord is telling you, “I am bringing My justice near; it is not far away, and My salvation will not delay, I will put My salvation in Zion, My splendor in Israel” (Isaiah 46:13).

Cast your eyes forwards, not backwards; keep on walking with your head held high. Keep moving forward — dare to believe that “your salvation is nigh” (Psalm 85:9). The God you serve will fully gratify your every desire for what is truly good and make your work of faith COMPLETE. He will demonstrate His word and promise; He will display the wonders of His love “not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6). Keep walking for “you are about to step into something you have been waiting for.” Watch what God will do with your life as you serve Him, sing for Him, seek Him and His strength and seek His face evermore!




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God has been showing up in my dream time and again. The other day, His Spirit took control of me and I heard Him whisper, “Your pain is not in vain.” Today I had a dream where I heard Him say, “I am the God of Jacob, and I fulfill My word and promises.” Upon hearing this, I asked Him, “Give me a sign, Lord, and my heart will be at peace.”

He responded, “Very soon, I will show you a rooster and a fish; lift your eyes up to heaven.” So I waited patiently and shortly thereafter, I saw MANY people looking up, waiting expectantly for something to happen. I looked up and lo, I saw the hands of God form a rooster and a fish out of the clouds, and the two creatures were facing each other. People were standing in awe and were amazed; I heard them shout, “God truly is faithful, I will sing about His power!”

The Lord created as many roosters and fish as He could, laid them across the sky and formed a huge ring like a huge Andromeda. It was too beautiful to behold; I could not but praise Him and shout “Hallelujah!” Then I saw some people who have disappointed me and doubted me knock on my door, bring me presents and rejoice with me. O His mercy and His majesty!


I woke up and asked the Lord why a rooster and a fish, and He reminded me of the story of Jonah and Peter. Some of you may have denied the Lord, disowned Him, doubted Him and DISAPPOINTED Him three times or more but the Lord wants to remind you that He sees the future and His plans for you will prevail for He is faithful forever. The rooster crowed and the Lord saw you have been weeping. But take heart and trust the Lord; soon you will break forth into singing!

Some of you may have disobeyed the Lord like Jonah and dug your heels in. The HELL you went through was part of the cost of disobedience — you have been beaten up, beaten down and broken. “The LORD appointed a great fish to swallow you, just like Jonah” (Jonah 1:17), and you have been in the stomach of the fish for some time — three days, three months, three years, thirteen years or more. But thanks be to God for He knows His plans for you, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).


I don’t know what you have been praying for, waiting for or believing God for but the Lord of the Heavenly Armies surely does. Not one word of all the good promises that the LORD had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass” (Joshua 21:45). Take heart for God says, “Your pain is not in vain.” Trust God in the process and very soon you will dance with Him in the rain. I don’t know how it is coming or when it’s coming but one thing for sure — God said “It is coming.” “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning” (Psalm 30:5).


You may feel like life is crashing down on you but “lift your eyes up to heaven” (Isaiah 40:26). Wait patiently; watch expectantly and very soon you will see something wondrous is going to happen. God is your Rock and Redeemer; He is coming to ROCK your world and “faithfully will carry out the plans He made long ago” (Isaiah 25:1). Watch and see — those who have disappointed you, disregarded you, discouraged you, doubted you, condemned you and criticized you will soon rejoice with you! He will show you things to come, He will show you signs and wonders — He is coming. This year, I believe many in the body of Christ will break forth into singing!



I had a vision where I saw the Lord holding two specific things in His hands — a silver cue stick in His left and a cue chalk in His right. I was standing before the Lord; “His face was shining like the sun and His garments were dazzling white” (Matthew 17:2). Looking around, I noticed we were in a room without lighting, doors and windows, and the room revealed just how brightly His light shone. In the middle of the room, there was a huge pool table which had one cue ball and a TARGET BALL on it — I deeply felt it was calling my name and trying to attract my attention.

Eventually, I saw myself move forward and saw the Lord chalk-up before the shot. I said to myself “The Lord knows how to play this game — how cool is that!” He knew what He was doing and lowered Himself to the table. He leaned forward and held the cue steadily as He “eyed” up the TARGET BALL. Then I heard Him say “Focus, focus,” keeping His eye on the ball and was ready to strike the ball like a PRO. I watched closely but my attention was shortly diverted when I heard something from the outside — and my ears heard a voice behind me saying, “Do what I told you to do!” Stunned, I saw Him blow the cue ball with the breath of His nostrils and sink the “target ball” into the pocket. Then, I heard the Lord softly speak to my spirit, “Focus, and you are going to make it.”


I believe that God is downloading heavens and giving many of you divine strategies so that you are able to strike the “target ball” like a PRO. He is encouraging you to hold firmly on His Word and promises and ridiculously keep your eyes focused on the TARGET BALL so as not to ruin the shot called a ‘miscue.’ The Lord is saying to many of you that your God-given dreams, desires and destinations have not been disregarded. I am not sure how long has it been since the Heart of Heaven gave you some promises, and these seem to have remained unfulfilled. Diverse things have happened over the course of your life; there have been distractions, delays, disappointments, discouragement and desperation. You have been through hell and havoc and walking through the darkest and most difficult season.


Satan may have a good time wreaking havoc in your life and wants you strategically destroyed. But “God’s word will never return to him void” (Isaiah 55:11). Some folks wish you were dead and some want to tear you apart; others have walked out on you and wrote you off but watch and wait — something is about to happen! The God you serve is a Promise-keeper and “holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 16:19).

Hold the cue steadily and stay in position. Your story is far from over; you have not reached the end, and right now, God is intervening in your story and situation! Your expectation will not be cut off; focus and God is about to show you some things your natural eyes have never seen before. The breath of His nostrils will shut the gates of hell and open divine door after door.

God is telling you today “Focus, and you are going to make it.” I am the LORD God All-Powerful saying, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit’ (Zechariah 4:6). Your future will not be terminated — His plans for your life, His purposes, His promises, your ministry and your mission. Focus, and He will take you from your NOW season to your NEW destination!!!


Many Josephs Are Going To See Some Unusual Things Suddenly Fall Into Place!

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I had a dream the other day where the Lord clearly say, “You and your destiny helper are going to work for WHO; I have placed this dream in your heart and because I do, I will make it come to pass.” I woke up perplexed and asked “Work for WHO, Lord Jesus?” The word WHO was written in capital letters and I thought the Lord was referring to World Health Organization 🙂 But the Lord rebuked me and responded, “I am WHO I say I am and I am still in the business of acceleration!”


There are dreamers here, the Josephs, who feel like your life has been exactly the opposite. You are stuck in a pit of despair, utter disappointment and desolation, and others are completely stuck in debt. You are feeling discouraged and defeated in a deep dark hole. Your afflictions come not in a single file but in battalions and you start asking yourself “Are these really inevitable?”

God has a promise. But your life is a mess! Your world has turned upside down and your enemies are attempting to smash you to the ground. You would ask “Now, where is the God of Turnaround?”


The pit looks like a dark dead end. You would shout Lord, Your ways are hard for me to comprehend!” But the Lord would say “Don’t quit in the dark pit! My Word will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11). You know His voice; you know He will fulfill whatever He has promised you. You know He will carry out whatever it was He said He would do. 


The Lord will never leave you to rot in the pit. Think about it. Don’t be discouraged; don’t doubt. God will bring you all the way out! Trust that God is in the business of speeding things up and that we have entered into a season of acceleration. Trust that “the name of the God of Jacob will set you securely on high, send you help from the sanctuary and support you from Zion.” (Psalm 20:1-2)

You will see the fullness of what the Lord has put in your heart to do. You will praise the name of the God of Jacob “for all His promises prove true” (Psalm 18:30). Now, put on your beautiful robe, Josephs, put on your beautiful headdress and the garment of praise. I believe this year, many Josephs are going to see some UNUSUAL THINGS — things that you have been believing God for that don’t look like God and dreaming about that look like they are going to take forever — will suddenly fall into place!!!



The wind is blowing; this wind is resuscitating and reviving many soldiers even as I write this word. Sons and daughters of Zion, keep pressing in His strength — you shall be fully restored.

I believe this year will be unusual on many stages, and many believers from the four corners of the globe will be heard saying “This is beyond words; I’ve never seen anything like this before.” God is SHIFTING things, showing off and showing Himself strong on behalf of those who honor Him as their Ultimate Restorer and Resuscitator.


Some of you may be groaning together with pains. You burst into tears because the pain this shift has caused you is intense. There has been an injury and injustice. You are devastated and in utter distress. Some of you have asked, “How could these dead situations come back to life; I have no clue!” In Ezekiel 37:3, when the Lord asked the prophet Ezekiel if the bones could live, he responded “Sovereign LORD, You alone know.”

Yes, God knows what you have been going through and has SHIFTED the atmosphere. “He has heard your supplication” (Psalm 6:9) and is about to show up as your Rock, Ruler and Redeemer! Listen — the wind is blowing. This wind is moving the scales of justice; be still, repayment is coming!

Your situation may look dead, doomed, helpless and utterly hopeless to the natural eye. But your hope is in the Wonder-working God — you have to PUSH ON AND PROPHESY! His soft whisper, that gentle breeze, is going to blow away your woe, wound and wretchedness. PROPHESY to the breath (Ezekiel 37:9), and watch and see the wind change and the Mighty Resuscitator breathe life into your seemingly impossible circumstances!


God has been preparing the hearts of many wounded soldiers for what is coming and what He is releasing. In my dream recently, He clearly said “Right now, what is being released is a whole new level of My anointing.” He is moving swiftly, moving in ways He has never done before. He is raising up a remnant who are willing to soar with Him as their “Stronghold and Savior” (Psalm 144:2).

God is divinely preparing and positioning many SOLDIERS and SEERS and is thrilled to walk with them into the deeper realms of the Spirit and higher places. His heart is ready to take them to a whole new realm of His POWER, providence, presence and unparalleled peace. 


There’s a dramatic change in the air and this air is releasing life-giving force to blow into your nostril. God’s breath is going to breathe down upon you to strengthen your frame” (Isaiah 58:11) and stabilize your faith for He is getting you ready to gain ground and be promoted to the next level. God’s purging and purifying fire is igniting the hearts of many surrendered believers. He is divinely preparing the “called, chosen and commissioned for many angelic encounters.

I know I shared this before but it’s worth sharing again: “There is going to be a dramatic change coming in your life that you will have to dramatically adapt yourself to these changes in store for you.” Watch, you are entering into a season where you’re about to marvel at God’s Beauty and His Bounty, and experience breakthrough after breakthrough!



Some of you may remember the word I released in November last year where I said that “2018 is the Year of Freedom and the Lord’s Favor,” and in January this year, where the Lord has also highlighted that “2018 will be a Year of the FULFILLMENT of His Promises.” To have the word of the Lord fully manifest, much is required to fully SURRENDER your heart to the Heart of Heaven, to deeply SOAK in His presence, to continually SEEK His face and to boldly SPEAK the word over your circumstances.

The Lord spoke to me again, this time in my dream, and He clearly showed me these three words “Season of Liberty.” This speaks volumes, and I prophetically believe that the time is getting closer for many of His people longing to get out of their CAGE and to break free from CAPTIVITY.


Satan, the ruthless foe, has been laughing at many believers like lunatic, locks them up behind bars and keeps them stuck in a well of despair, desolation, devastation, disaster and debt. He is loudly screaming “You cowering prisoners, there’s no way you can make it!” He has been working overtime to get you and many believers off course. I can hear him roaring like a lion, “There’s NO hope, NO help, NO change and NO cure; believe me, I will make things even worse!”

Don’t believe his lies or his whisper. Don’t you stagger, don’t fear! There may have been attacks, series of assaults, fiery battles and fierce beatings going on. But what the Lord showed me in my dream was a CONFIRMATION. For a long time, you have been deceitfully tricked, tortured and tormented. But I believe your freedom is at hand and “if therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).

STAND ON HIS WORD AND PROMISES                                          

The enemy may have slammed you to the ground and turned your world upside down but God wants you to lift your eyes to the mountains. “Lift up your eyes to the LIFTER of your head who is enthroned in the heavens” (Psalm 123:1). Lift up your eyes — it’s a turnaround season. Stand up, stand on the truth, keep your hope alive, keep His word burning in your heart and keep holding on.

You may see that everything around you stays the same. You may have lost your hope, almost lost your mind and your soul wants to scream. It may feel like TORTURE right now but stand on His word and promises. Stand on the word for “the time of the LORD’s favor has come, and with it, the day of God’s anger against your enemies!” (Isaiah 61:2)


By the breath of His nostrils, the Lord is about to slam your enemies to the ground. And by the breath of His mouth, everything around you is going to be turned around. Our God is an all-consuming fire and He is about to burn away everything that has hindered your growth, increase, healing, freedom, blessing and advancement. Prisoners of hope — it is time for a divine reinforcement!


Heaven is cheering you on. You’ve got to stand in position. You’ve got to “put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand” (Ephesians 6:13). Stand firm then; you are going to make it to the other side and you are going to make it to your “Harvest Land.”

The Heart of Heaven has released, “This is the Year of Freedom, the Lord’s Favor and the Fulfillment of His Promises.” Watch and see; there is a mighty rushing wind of awakening to the truth of your divine release!



I was sitting with the Lord the other day and this word appeared right before my eyes —  “Vanguard.” Instantaneously, I sensed the Lord wanted to send a message to His warriors who are on the FRONT LINES of a furious battle and the ruthless foe has hit them really HARD. The next day I heard that still small voice speak to my spirit, “You are in the vanguard of progress.” I was immediately filled with such a strong unction that it made me utter “Lord, release and increase!”

Vanguard, according to the Free Dictionary, means the foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle, or leading position in a trend or movement. It is also defined as the position of greatest importance or advancement.

Progress means increase, improvement, growth and promotion, breakthrough, to gain ground, to bring nearer to completion, maturity or perfection. It also means advancement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage; continuous improvement, development and advancement toward a destination.


In the spirit, I saw many warriors — soldiers of faith, soul-winners, messengers of His Heart and ministers of the Most High — were seriously injured by Satan’s fiery arrows yet standing still on the front lines of a furious battle. The adversary knew he had hit them really HARD and released his evil horde to strategically destroy as many as possible. These warriors “were pressed on all sides, perplexed and persecuted” (2 Corinthians 4:8). They were deeply troubled, tortured and tormented.

Hurt, harassed and heartbroken, I saw them sit at the Lord’s feet. Then I saw a nail-pierced hand healing them; I saw them arise, put on the heavenly armor and take up the Sword of the Spirit. Suddenly, there came a mighty rushing wind — the wind had shifted. These warriors refused to disengage, be disarmed, back out, be silenced or be defeated. Now, this infuriated the enemy and so he had attempted to block and blind them before they took their next position. I then heard him “prowl about like a ROARING LION!” (1 Peter 5:8) 


Warriors, the enemy may have roared at you by bringing intense pains, plagues, lack, losses, calamity, chaos, disease or disaster your way. You feel the ground shake beneath you but stand your ground and listen closely to God’s whisper which has a tremendous power and can cause you to triumph in the cool of the day. Roar back at the devil with God’s word, and stand on His word and promises. Roar back with faith, then watch and see God steps in, silences and “scatters his enemies!” (Psalm 68:1)


The enemy may browbeat you into believing you’re a worthless loser but we know that he is eternally a defeated foe. It’s time to hit him back with the Sword which is God’s word and “keep fighting a good fight of faith” (1 Timothy 6:12), God has got you! You are moving forward, don’t you retreat. You are advancing toward your destination — you are going to make it. You see your adversary is determined to beat you down, beat you up and break you. But refuse to be defeated, keep pressing on and pushing through.


The wind is changing, and this wind is already blowing even as I write this word. I see you are gaining ground and invading territories under the protection of the Lord. I see you are advancing toward a goal, to a further or higher stage — I see you are on the verge of breakthrough. Watch, there is going to be a dramatic change coming in your life that you will have to dramatically adapt yourself to these changes in store for you!

The Lord of Hosts says, “You are in the vanguard of progress.” Keep pressing on, warriors, for I see you are one step closer to your “Land of Promise.”



The past few weeks have been extremely tough and I saw many warriors weary, worn-out and are DEEPLY WOUNDED. They were utterly discouraged and beyond devastated. I felt their pain; they were hurt, heartbroken, in despair and in desolation. The very cry of their heart was “Lord, revive me again, repay me for the years the locusts have eaten and restore to me the joy of your salvation!”

There is an intense spiritual warfare going on. The spirit of Amalek has been on the move and attempted to attack and assault countless Sons and Daughters of Zion. The battle is REAL and the Amalekite spirit is working round the clock to wear down, weaken and wear you (myself included) out. He is attempting to confuse, cripple and crush you through discouragement, disappointment, despair and doubt. He is setting up delays and attempting to derail your destiny. He is attempting to SILENCE you, STOP you and SMASH you from what God has predestined you to be.


It has been traumatizing and tough. Hearts have been heard saying, “This is enough!” The Lord has been preparing the hearts of His people for what is coming and what He is releasing. “And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off your shoulder, and his yoke from off your neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.” (Isaiah 10:27)


I had a vision and saw the Lord do a DEEPER WORK in and through the unimaginable pain and unjust circumstances of His wounded warriors. He was performing what He called a “breakthrough surgery” and miraculously revived His people, renewed their hearts, restored their strength and all rose up in faith saying “We are not the victims, we are the victors!”

I saw “the wounded” with arms high and heart abandoned press forward, push through and push on. I also saw myself march forward, and heard the Lord speak to my spirit, “If I cause you the pain, I will not stop you from giving birth to your new nation.” (Isaiah 66:9)


Warriors, keep pressing forward and keep pushing through. The Lord of Hosts is more than able to finish what He started in you and through you. You are pregnant with God’s promise. That’s why the Amalekite spirit has been attempting to abort, attack and assault you — but keep pushing through — God has got this!


I believe we have entered into a season of ground-breaking anointing and the greatest manifestation of God’s turnaround power. The Lord is downloading heavens, releasing His life-giving force and pouring out His spirit upon many SURRENDERED HEARTS and their spirit will begin to rise higher and higher. “Watch, this is going to be a season of significant lift and shift!” This lift and shift will bring things together and it will be sudden and swift.

I decree and declare that no work of the Amalekite and “no weapon forged against you will be able to prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). You are giving birth to your promise, to your vision and your new nation and your fearless faith will take you there. The Heart of Heaven is accelerating the anointing forward so keep pushing through and take back your passion, power and position. Things are turning around, watch and see; you will break new ground and the wind of change will take you to a higher dimension!


Soar Like The Eagles!

The dawn is breaking; I saw a beautiful sunrise. It’s time for the forgotten, forlorn, unnoticed, undervalued, misinterpreted and misunderstood to arise. Mount up your wings like the eagles, you will SOAR! Soar, soar like the eagles; I see you SOAR with the Savior and you will soar like never before!


I Heard God Whisper To My Heart And His Whisper Is More Powerful Than The Enemy’s Roar!

I had a vision where I saw the enemy strew black ashes far and wide and this has caused extreme confusion, calamity, commotion and chaos. In the spirit, I saw the earth shake in the four corners of the globe, mountains crumble into the heart of the sea, raging seas roar, brave hearts bleed, eyelids gush out with waters and manifold things are beyond outrageous.

Warriors near and far have been grievously afflicted by the evil one who has brought with them severe depression, desolation, devastation, division, disappointment and utter discouragement. They have been through the turbulence of the old season and have felt exceedingly overwhelmed by the fierce winds the enemy has sent.

I Heard The Enemy Laugh

Watch, the air is toxic beyond measure! Now is the hour to be more watchful, wakeful, sober-minded, self-disciplined, focused and firm in your faith like never before. I heard the enemy laugh like lunatic because he knows you are going through difficult seasons in life where you don’t know what to do. He is attempting to abort and assault, crush you to pieces and “comes only to steal and kill and destroy you” (John 10:10).

The War Is Raging

Now the ashes have dimmed your hope, diverted your focus, stolen your joy, shattered your dreams and brought an overwhelming, oppressive feeling. I see you are struggling to overcome your feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and all around you, the war is raging. I heard the enemy laugh again; he laughed even more insanely than before. But “I heard God whisper to my heart and His whisper is more powerful than the enemy’s roar!”

Take Heart and Take His Hand

God knows you are going through severe trials and tribulations. He knows your pain, heartache, loss and suffering — He sees you’re “grieving over distressing situations” (2 Samuel 13:19). He knows that you are in the midnight hour where you have cried out to God over and over “Lord, what am I supposed to do?” But listen — I heard God whisper “Take heart and take My hand, I promise that you will have your breakthrough!”

Arise, Take Your Authority

The enemy knows you have something BIG inside you and knows more about your potential and power than you do. He prowls around like a roaring lion and is “seeking ways to strategically destroy you” (1 Peter 5:8). In the natural, it may look like he is winning, but stand your ground — he has been defeated. Arise, take your authority by releasing faith-filled words, and watch and see God’s restorative power move with vast strength and speed!


The Lord of Hosts has been continually talking to me about His turnaround power and miraculous wonders. Watch — angels of turnaround have already been dispatched into the lives of many lionhearted believers! God has been miraculously working within the hearts of His remnant chosen by grace. He is on the move and releasing a great outpouring in the secret place.

He is intensely working in your heart so you can bear the intensity of what He is about to release. Assigned angels are coming down from heaven to impart turnaround powers to His warriors to overthrow and overturn your enemies. Watch, in this hour God is shifting your status, situation and story. There is a mighty move of the Spirit of God right now — warriors, arise with a ROAR OF VICTORY!


“Let The Heart Of Heaven Do What He Needs To Do!”

There is a huge shift in the atmosphere and I see some things have gotten worse than before. The PAIN this shift has caused to many believers is INTENSE AND INDESCRIBABLE, and I saw many soldiers shed bitter tears and shout “Lord, You are my Strength, Shelter and Savior!”

For over three weeks now, I have felt this unbearable pain and it is but heartbreaking. I hear some people ask “Is there ever a song of joy in the morning?” I clearly see many wounded warriors. They look extremely weary and worn-out, but I do see how hard they have fought to stay the course.

Now with tears in my eyes, I am writing this. In the spirit, I heard the Lord say, “Open your eyes for I am about to show you what LOVE truly is!” God is moving and doing some miraculous works in you and through you. Open your heart — His fierce and furious love will see you through!

Let the things you can’t control go. Let go and let God “who is in control” do what only He can do!!! You may think your dreams have been shattered or you have lost everything. You may have questioned yourself “When is my breakthrough coming?” You may think your situation is beyond repair — your world has turned upside down and now you begin to wonder if things would ever get any better. But God specializes in things called impossible — “the LORD of the Heavenly Armies is His name, and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer.” (Isaiah 54:5)

Let hope RISE. See your situation through His loving eyes. God is realigning and readjusting some things so that you are able to accomplish the task He has set before you. “Let the Heart of Heaven do what He needs to do!”

His love will restore. His love will radically shift things and turn the tide in your favor. I know how hard it has been but know this — His love will accelerate your healing. When all hope seems lost, that’s when He steps in and speeds up your blessing. You are destined for BIG things, don’t you dare give up, don’t surrender. You just don’t realize — but your breakthrough is just around the corner!


“Your Long-awaited Dreams Are Yet To Come True!”

2018 is here and many have welcomed the New Year  with thrill, tickle, excitement and expectation. They are eagerly waiting for “the vision which is yet for an appointed time” (Habakkuk 2:3), and believe that “the Lord is still in the business of acceleration.”

I don’t know who I am talking to but the Lord says the promise He has placed in your heart is yet to manifest, and you are aware that there are some necessary steps required to do. He has released a word of hope saying “Your long-awaited dreams are yet to come true!”

I Saw Many Warriors Held Captive By The Enemy

The Lord reminded me of the dreams I had in October and November 2017 where I saw many warriors held captive by the enemy. In October, I saw the enemy (disguised as a woman of authority) use her power and position and give orders to a man who had no choice but to obey. Every time the man obeyed her orders, she would laugh so hard as if she has gone mad and her eyes turned blood-red. The man was under her control, but I saw myself in the spirit and cried out to the Lord for the man to be delivered.

In November, I saw a DESTINY HELPER leaving, but with a heart filled with love and happiness he whispered in my ear, “I’m going to call you.” He was going somewhere to do what the Lord has instructed him to do.

Fast forward, I saw the enemy and his horde take him down, handcuff him and give him multiple shots in the neck until his neck sore. I was crying and lifted up my voice saying “Lord, You alone are my Stronghold and Savior!” The man, in agony, tried to shout as loud as he could with a message “Be strong, for I am shaking and shifting!” My heart cried out to the Lord and asked for strength; He heard my cry, infused strength into me and I saw myself break forth into singing!  

Stand on the Word

I believe many in the body of Christ have been waiting for their dreams to come to pass and His promises to come to fruition. But the enemy, crafty and cunning, has been working hard enough to DERAIL THEIR DESTINIES and creating conflict, chaos and confusion. I saw the devil doing every possible way he could to stop you and your DESTINY HELPERS from what God has intended you to be. He was screaming lies at your heart and mind, and lies were his sweet candy.

He was assaulting like mad man the promises of the Lord. But, stand on your ground, warriors, and stand on the Word! Stand fearless! Do not settle for less. Do not entertain the enemy. Do not agree with his decree! You have a BIG job to do for Jesus. Stand on the word and the Word will bring it to pass!  

Surrender, Soak, Seek, Speak

The last year 2017 may have been difficult and dreaded to many believers, but I believe what they went through has stabilized their faith and foundation. Although there were shaking and shifting, stirring and sifting, rift and roar, ruckus and rumble, every unimaginable pang and pain has made them even stronger than the old season.

In November, though I said that 2018 is going to be a year of Freedom and the Lord’s Favor, the Lord has also highlighted that 2018 will be a year of the FULFILLMENT of His promises. To have this fully manifest, much is required to fully SURRENDER your heart to the Heart of Heaven, deeply SOAK in His presence, continually SEEK his face and boldly SPEAK the word over your circumstances.

I See Many Brave Hearts Break Forth Into Singing

I see that this is your DARKEST season. But keep your eyes on the LIGHT, keep pressing forward and keep holding on. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get the best. But stand on the word and “hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised” (Hebrews 10:23).

Keep your eyes ridiculously focused on Jesus — that’s the key. Keep your eyes on the end result you desperately long to see! Your time is coming. And I see many brave hearts break forth into singing!

For over 6 months now, the Lord has been highlighting this word on my heart — SOAR. I believe this year 2018, many unafraid and undaunted hearts will move with winds and SOARtheir DREAMS will take flight reaching far beyond the highest height and see greater manifestations of the Holy Ghost like never before! 


“Your Goliath Is About To Fall!”

Since August 2017, the word “giant” has waxed hot within me, burning in my heart and soul. Today, as I sat with the Lord, I heard the heart of heaven whisper to my heart “Your Goliath is about to fall!”

“Giant” according to The Free Dictionary is someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful; gigantic, behemoth, Goliath, monster. In our lives, we all face and will face giants at one time or another. Most of us are facing the “Giants” right now — seemingly insurmountable problems, pressures, predicaments, pains and persecutions. Others are facing Goliaths in their Promised Land causing extreme difficulties and overwhelming issues and bringing with them life-threatening situations.  

Truth be told, battling giants does not only debilitate your strength but completely drain you. But take heart, for I heard the Lord whisper in my ear, I am about to do what only I can do!”

These menacing giants may have threatened or terrified you inhabiting your Land of Promise. But if God is with you and for you, there is nothing to fear for “the battle is not yours but His” (2 Chronicles 20:15). “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed” (Isaiah 41:10). There may be giants in your Promised Land but if the Lord Himself declared that you can have it, then every giant can be defeated.

Keep your eyes on the one and only giant-slayer. The Lord has been speaking to me and is about to show off His turnaround power. “Your Goliath may have come to you with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but come to him in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom he has defied” (1 Samuel 17:45). Remain unshaken; the Lord of Hosts is on your side.

The monster may be attacking you and attempting to raise up futile imaginations and lies after lies causing doubts, discouragement and desperation. Don’t listen to him or entertain him; he is coming against you with terror in the transition.

Stay ridiculously focused on your goals and stay fearless and faithful. Whatever your Goliath may be, put your hope in the Lord and watch and see — “Your Goliath is about to fall!” One small stone, one sure shot and one BIG God is all you need and watch and see, He is about to show you gigantic displays of His power! When the Lord springs into action, His enemies scatter.

Your gigantic blessings will come right along with gigantic opposition. Stay ridiculously focused on your goals and the Lord Himself will take you from your current season to your God-given destination!


I See Someone Is About To Do A “Butterfly Dance”

“Butterfly,” I felt this word burning in my heart and soul as 2017 is coming to a close. Mighty Warriors, the Lord of Hosts has been working to transform you like never before — stay tough and tenacious (Joshua 1:9).

Contrary to popular belief, the “butterfly” symbolizes transformation, resurrection, joy, freedom and new beginning. Hear me — I see someone is about to do a “butterfly dance” and move from where they are to their next phase of being!

I See Many Are Like In A Cocoon

Right now, I see many in the body of Christ are like “in a cocoon” and going through extreme difficulty, discomfort and distress. Others are faced with a terrible dilemma and are experiencing overwhelming circumstances. Many have struggled and sweat in 2017, and as difficult as this year has been, others have experienced the intense “shaking and shifting.” Be unafraid and undaunted; the Lord is doing some realignment and readjustment for His armies to encounter His power and presence through dramatic breakthrough and blessing.

Believe That Your Butterfly Season Is Here

I believe that we are in a season where God moves in ways He has never done before. He is moving swiftly, speeding things up, shifting things and “showing Himself strong in the behalf of His men and women of valor” (2 Chronicles 16:9). Maybe you are in the darkest cocoon, but focus on how God’s providence works and focus on His power. Believe that your butterfly season is here!

You Are Going To Soar

You are undergoing a remarkable transformation called “metamorphosis.” It may be utterly unpleasant and uncomfortable but trust God in the process. Many have released a word for 2018, and as the Lord has impressed in my heart, 2018 is going to be a “Year of Freedom and the Lord’s Favor.” Deep in your heart, you know that God has something better in store for YOU, and in 2018, I see you are going to SOAR.

In the next few months, I see some lionhearted fighters (chrysalis) are coming out and transformed into a beautiful butterfly. I see your freedom is at hand, I see how high you can fly and how freely you can touch the sky! The Lord is working to radically transform you so that you are well able to do what He has called you to; stay tough and tenacious. I see someone is about to do a “butterfly dance” — warriors, get ready for your breakthroughs!


“Your Greatest Opposition Is Setting Up Your Biggest Breakthrough!”

These words were deep in my heart; His spirit spoke to my spirit. I want to encourage those who have been misunderstood, mistreated, condemned, criticized, attacked and assailed — you are not walking through a pathway of defeat!

Trust Him In The Pruning, Purging And Purifying

Whoever needed this word, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is speaking to you. I believe that there is nothing that you go through that the Omniscient One doesn’t know. The season you are in may be utterly unspeakable but trust God in the process. Stop stressing for He has got this! You do not have to fight “the shaking and shifting.” Let God do what He needs to do and trust Him in the pruning, purging and purifying.

Hold Your Peace And Remain At Rest

Fear not what the attackers or your opponents may say — hold your peace and remain at rest. Stay focused and fearless for “faithful is He who promised” (Hebrews 10:23). Let not your heart be troubled (John 14:1) but yield your heart wholly to the Lord. Clearly, you have heard from Him so keep going and keep holding on to His word. The storm may be turbulent all around you. But remember that these attacks and oppositions always come before your biggest breakthrough.

The God Of Breakthrough Is Forcefully Moving

God is getting your heart ready for greater heights and greater depths in Him so that you can squash through every barricade and smash every blockage to experience an ever greater measure of His power and presence. Watch, for He is about to show off His magnificence!

The God of Breakthrough is forcefully moving in this period and in this season. Be fixed and firm in your faith; God is stabilizing your faith and your foundation. The King is still sitting on the throne and He wants to remind you. Remain unshaken for “Your greatest opposition is setting up your biggest breakthrough!”


“Quantum Leap!”

Over the past three weeks, I have felt extremely overwhelmed and there is no one to talk to but the Lord. I’ve felt like life is crashing down on me; lifting my eyes toward the mountains, I heard the Holy Spirit speak a very STRONG word.

I heard Him speak from the depths of my spirit, “Quantum leap!” His presence filled the atmosphere and His word reverberated in my innermost being — it was deeper than deep.

“Quantum leap,” according to the Free Dictionary, is a sudden and significant change or advance; an abrupt or unexpected transition. It is also a great improvement or important development in something; an abrupt and large increase; breakthrough; explosion.


The enemy has been successful in using OVERWHELMING ISSUES against many believers. He has thrown his worst at them, is wearing down the saints and laughing hard at the NOW worn-out soldiers. He is devious and deceitful. His main delight is to see many warriors become ineffective, impotent, falter and fall.

The main motive of the enemy is to dismantle and strategically destroy you. He and his evil cohorts have been working round the clock and “will intend to make alterations in times and in law” (Daniel 7:25).


In this hour and season, the enemy’s target is to cause DELAY. But take heart, soldiers, for I heard the Lord step in and say “Suddenly, it’s going to change; suddenly, it’s a brand new day!” Stand your ground, warriors, stand up and hold your head high. “The Lord has spoken — who can but prophesy?” (Amos 3:8)


There have been oppositions and onslaughts, and many have been going through intense turmoil and turbulence. But the wind is changing and blowing so strongly on these areas to take the armies of God to a whole new realm of His peace, protection, provision and unprecedented presence. God is the source of your strength, there is nothing to fear. Watch and see, there is a sudden and significant shift that will bring things together!

I am reminded of this quote I shared with you earlier this year. Listen to those who have an ear to hear.

“Whatever you are facing, do not give up because everything can completely turn around for you tomorrow. The crisis and battle you are facing is setting up your biggest breakthrough. Yes, the enemy is very strategic; he is a long-time planner. He is devious and deceitful and doesn’t play fair. He is good at hijacking your destiny. And he will do every possible way he can to smash and stop you from what God has intended you to be.”


The wind is changing. And the Lord is preparing you for where you are going. Before the year 2017 ends and in the next 3 to 4 months, something unexpected is going to happen. Keep your heart pure, praise your way through the fiercest battle and please the Heart of Heaven for He is sovereign.


Our God is a Wonder-working God, our Ultimate Way-maker, God of Beauty and God of Breakthrough. The world says there is no such thing as QUANTUM LEAP” but our God is about to show up and show off, and show you incredible things only He can do!

There is a quantum leap; there’s going to be a sudden and significant change and an unexpected transition. Watch, there will be a great improvement in something, an abrupt and LARGE INCREASE; there will be breakthrough and yes, there will be a sudden explosion!




Something has been burning inside of me, something unexplainable and I deeply sense that there is something unexpected coming. A few days ago, before the throne of grace, I heard the mountains and the hills break forth before many brave hearts into singing!

I heard the trees of the field clap their hands with their branches. I heard a voice saying “This is NOT going to be a usual process.” I heard the sound of cascading waters speak “Bring your finger and behold My hands, be no longer in doubt.” I heard the Lord whisper in my ear, In joy, you will indeed go out and in peace, you will be led out.”


RIFT, by definition, is a detachment, rupture, fissure, break, gap, cleft, crack or opening; to come apart, to burst open, to split, to splinter. To SIFT is to separate, to pass through a sieve, to part, to set apart from others, to strain, to filter.

Some of you have had RIFT experiences over the past few months or years. You feel exceedingly overwhelmed, are crushed by your circumstances and at times, wondering if the Lord is still with you or hears your prayers.

Others have felt like being SIFTED; your world has turned upside down and caused you to feel like trampled sheaves on a threshing floor. But, you know that the time has come to lay aside every weight” (Hebrews 12:1), let go of some people who disbelieve, discredit or disregard you and leave the ones who hinder you from going higher as the Lord so desires for you to SOAR. Listen — you have the strength and stamina to let go. Say “No” to grow and go where the Holy Spirit is leading you.


The rift and time of sifting is but for a season. It may be painful but keep holding on. God has allowed this to happen to prepare, push you forward, propel and promote you. Watch, this season is coming to an end — soon your lips will praise the Lord of Harvest to whom all praise is due.


Hold your head high and keep holding on. I heard the Lord say, “It’s your DUE season!” There may be MOURNING now but open your eyes and you will be able to clearly see the “joyful MORNING approaching” (Psalm 30:5). Watch and see — the wind is changing! You may think you are not going to make it to the other side but the Lord is about to propel you from a sitting position into a running position. Keep pushing and pressing forward for He is ready to meet you halfway — His reward is with Him and it is exceedingly beyond your wildest imagination!


Photo Via Texas Station

Let me be clear. This message is NOT for everybody, but for some of you whose due season is here.

I deeply felt some of you needed to hear this word from the Heart of Heaven. “Feast after a long famine!”

Some of you have gone through a long drought and have been in desolation and drowning in a sea of debt. You have gone around circles; your issue seems perpetual and I see how you have cried in secret. You are beyond exhausted and your eyes run down with tears day and night. But deep down, you keep believing that the Lord will breathe upon you, that His deliverance will unfold before you and that soon He will demonstrate His power and might.

Take heart, for the Lord has witnessed your fearless faith, faithfulness in TITHING, sacrifice, and obedience. His appointed time of harvest has come and He is about to fling wide the windows of heaven “to send the autumn and spring rains.” (Deuteronomy 11:14)

For I heard Him speak, Feast after a long famine!” His voice made goosebumps dance over my skin.

He then reminded me of this Scripture, “And you’ll no longer be called ‘Deserted,’ and your land will no longer be called ‘Desolate’; but people will call you ‘Hephzibah,’ and your land ‘Beulah’ — for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married” (Isaiah 62:4). God will never leave you or forsake you; He will never leave you desolate and for dead!

It has been years of struggle; I know it has been tough. But I felt the Lord say, “Enough is enough!” The Lord will deliver you, that’s His promise. TAKE HEART and prepare your heart for what the Lord is about to release.

Within two months, some of you who have been patiently waiting and praying for the mighty move of God will see His hand move and send help from His holy mountains that will make you debt-free. Some of you, before the year ends, your obedience and faithfulness will PAY OFF — you will sing, shout and dance for joy before the Lord, praise Him for His inscrutable greatness and give Him all the glory. 💕




A few days ago, I had a dream where I saw everything moving at an incredibly fast speed and I felt like the ground beneath me was shaking. Suddenly, I heard a sound like that of a violent rushing wind (Acts 2:2), and it blew upon me where I was standing. I looked, and there before me was a man, coming, and he took me by the hand. Astonished, my heart was filled with greater joy than those who have abundant harvests, and together the man and I walked hand in hand to the “Promised Land.”

There is a SUDDEN and SENSATIONAL move of the Spirit of the Living God working right now upon His warriors, their God-given dream and vision. The devil has been doing his absolute worst to thwart the move of God, but these warriors keep pushing through and keep pressing on. They have gone through a season of tremendous hurt, heartbreak, betrayal and inevitable losses. Nevertheless, these warriors have kept pressing forward and kept pushing into their purpose and His promises.

Now the Lord is moving in ways He has never moved before; He is speeding things up and is literally unstoppable. Be positioned, warriors; this is the season of acceleration and His move will be far more unfathomable!

I see some of you are moving out of your comfort zones; some of you will be relocated geographically. You have been waiting for the mighty move of God, you have been praying for this; keep pushing for He will bring this about and it will come forth quickly! The Lord is moving in ways you have never known before. You have been wondering how things will fall into place or come together but keep pressing on, “for now is the time of His favor” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Some of you are about to enter into your destined state — you have been purged, purified and positioned for His purpose and promise. Hold on, for you are entering into a season of divine enlargement, expansion and increase.

“Stand your ground (Ephesians 6:13) for the Lord will be with you and fight for you. He is on your side — remind the devil that he is an eternally defeated foe! The devil may be in the business of trying to whip you by bringing in discouragement, disappointment and distraction. But our God is still GOD, and He is in the business of revival, redemption and restoration.

God will restore those things you thought were lost, and He is now moving in ways that are incomprehensible. He is shaking and shifting things; He moves as He pleases and is moving quickly in the lives of His warriors who are unshaken and unmovable. Hold on, for He is coming like a mighty rushing wind and will blow upon you and your circumstances. Some of you will stand in awe of Him as you will see things you have never thought possible, discover new things, God-given opportunities and divine strategies for success!



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Last night I had a dream where I heard the voice of the Lord boom: “Favor; get ready for favor to overtake you!”

Suddenly I woke up, and with half-closed eyes I looked at the clock — it was 2:39 in the morning. I know what I heard, and the words of the Lord reverberated in my innermost being.

As I pondered on this, the Lord led me to Acts 2:39 that says: “For the PROMISE is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” The God we serve is ever true to His promises, and “all His promises, gifts and calling are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29).

I believe the Lord is speaking to many born-again believers. He is sending a word of hope to the firm and ever faithful TITHERS. “Favor; get ready for favor to overtake you!” Persist and press on, for the PROMISES God has placed in your heart are yet to come true.

Favor, by definition, is something done or granted out of goodwill; preferential treatment; partiality; popularity; gain; advantage; profit. It also means a privilege, a raise, a promotion, a gift, boon, GOOD TURN, blessing, benefit. (The Free Dictionary)


There is a major transition happening right now and I deeply sense the Lord is turning disappointment into divine appointment. The favorable season has come; the Lord of Harvest is telling you, “Persist and be more patient.” Your much-anticipated blessing and long-awaited breakthrough are yet to manifest. YIELD, friends, and “hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering; for He is faithful that promised” (Hebrews 10:23). What you went through has stabilized your faith and foundation. The most painful learning curve and painful process has made you even stronger and more solidified than the previous season.

Rejoice in hope (Romans 12:12); keep praying, keep praising and stay surrendered to His way and timing. Favor will come upon you and overtake you, and I see your heart break forth into singing. I see you break out, move with God, roar like the Lion of Judah and soar. As you move with the Lord, I see your God-given dreams and promises take flight reaching far beyond the highest height, the hand of the Lord radically move in your life and His favor surround you like never before! 



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