“10 Represents Law and Restoration; 70 Represents Judgment”

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Recently, the Lord of Hosts has placed this word on my heart: numbers, numbers, numbers! In October, He showed me number 8 (see my previous BLOG post) and led me to Noah’s Ark where He saved 8 people in order to have “a new beginning” after the floodwaters. This morning, He showed me numbers again, this time there were two — 10 and 70. He asked me, “How many months have passed since I told you that Donald Trump would win triumphantly?” I started counting; He told me earlier in January and now it’s November, so I responded “Ten.” Puzzled, I asked myself, “What does this mean?” The Lord asked me another question, “How old is Donald Trump now and how old was Rodrigo Duterte last year?” I know that Mr. Trump is 70 years old but I am not sure how old President Duterte was last year, so I searched the web and found the answer.

Amazed, I found myself sitting with the Lord, and the Holy Spirit taught me that the numbers 10 and 70 have DEEPER prophetic and spiritual signification. The number 10 represents God’s Law and Completion, Responsibility, Healing and Restoration.  This includes the Ten Commandments, the Ten Virgins, and in Luke 15:8, the Ten Lepers. The Lord Himself healed and restored the 10 lepers because they had confidence in His miraculous powers.

So what do these numbers have to do with Donald Trump, the US, the Philippines and the President? After searching carefully, I learned that Mr. Trump is 70 and so was President Duterte last year, and the number 70 represents Human Leadership and Judgment. Seventy is made up of two perfect numbers, seven, representing perfection, and ten, representing God’s Law and Healing and Restoration. I deeply sensed that the Lord wanted to tell His people that these two leaders have been “perfectly chosen” for such a time as this to bring ORDER and JUDGMENT carried out with all power, and bring peace, healing and restoration to His people and their nation.

The Lord was telling me that these two leaders are like Moses who was chosen by God to lead His people out of Egypt, out of bondage and years of captivity. They have been anointed and appointed by God and have been given power from on high and divine authority. As the Lord said, He will use them to bring change and transformation, to winnow, to cleanse and to judge those who are against the New Order, cause more chaos and violence, plan evil and attack, and have constantly and willingly rejected the Law. Those who will be judged are hardhearted, stubborn, obstinate and rebellious like the King of Egypt in the Bible — none but the Pharaoh.

Ultimately, these people will bear the responsibility for their actions and disobedience, and suffer the consequences of their wrongdoings. They will face the 10 plagues, the 10 disasters, and feel the wrath of the King of Kings. God has laid this big burden on my heart and I pray these people humble themselves before God, turn from their wicked ways and seek His face, and God will hear them from heaven, heal them and bless their land. Pray with me, warriors; let us all stand faultless before the throne of grace, intercede and pray in the Spirit, and on Christ alone, the solid Rock, we stand.

The Lord is calling everyone who has ears to hear, to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard; He is sending this message,“See now that I alone am He; there is no God but Me.” His judgments are in all the earth, but His love for us is so deep, so great and He is rich in mercy. He will heal and restore as He promised, “Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security” (Jeremiah 33:6, ESV).  “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27, NIV)

His powerful right hand is moving; He will raise His righteous right hand, revive His people again and RESTORE. Pray, people, pray without ceasing, and He will bring back His people from captivity, restore their fortunes, restore double for their trouble and “rebuild them like they were before!” (Jeremiah 33:7)


Author: Romela 'Kim' Seva

Romela 'Kim' Seva, anointed and appointed by the Holy Spirit to minister the Uncompromising Word of God, is a pioneering missionary to Fukuoka, Japan. Her first divine encounter with Christ Jesus was in 2006. Since then she has had dreams, visions, and heard the voice of God. Her deepest desire is to see hearts on fire and burn with a BLAZING love for God, experience His unprecedented presence, rise up with unprecedented boldness and proclaim His Unchanging Word with immense compassion. With an anointing for prophesying, she moves and ministers in the Spirit of the Lord. 'Kim' works as an English teacher at public schools in Japan.