“I Will Fight For You”

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“In His presence is fullness of joy,” and His presence was so strong today; my heart was greatly stirred by this encouraging word in Deuteronomy 3:22. It says, “Do not be afraid of them, the LORD your God himself will fight for you.” I read it twice then suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “I will fight for you, I will fight for you!” His voice echoed in my ears and reverberated in my being — I heard the sacred echo. As I sat with the Lord, He spoke again, “Do not be afraid of them,” and immediately what came to my mind were “the battles” many people are facing right now — joblessness, stagnant jobs, relationship issues, rebellious son or daughter, evil plot of the enemy, sinking health, dying business, barrenness, legal matters, financial crisis. Nothing is ever hidden in His sight; “for the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” (2 Chronicles 16:9, NASB)

“He will strongly support” and He wanted to remind every believer that no matter how gigantic our problem is or how HUGE or powerful an enemy looks, our God is MORE powerful than any opposition. Don’t be discouraged, don’t be terrified, don’t get overwhelmed by life — stand strong and keep holding on. Yes, you will face the battle but you don’t have to fight: the Lord says “I will fight for you!” God does not put you into the midst of a turbulent battle to prove your strength and power, but to reveal HIS power; there’s nothing that He cannot do!

As I spent more time with the Lord, He showed me something wonderful: cities fortified with high walls, double-door gates and bars, but He utterly destroyed them. He crushed them with a mighty hand and a powerful arm; nothing could stand against Him! He showed the same power when He delivered His people, the Israel, from the hands of their enemies and the first two Kings of the Amorites Og and Sihon, who were fought by Moses, when they proceeded to the Promised Land. “I will fight for you,” that’s what He promised, and He delivered His people and gave them an astounding victory by the power of His hand. Think about the goodness He had done in the past; think about how great and mighty He is. Praise; praise Him for His glorious power and goodness!

Get closer to God, take His hand and get closer and closer. Remind yourself that He is incredibly great and has immeasurable power. Get closer; as you get closer, the enemy will start choking you, but in Him, stand strong; He can and will completely crush His foes before Him and strike down His adversaries. “He will fight for you” so stand fearless, DECLARE your victory and praise Him, and with His powerful arm, He will deliver you and give you victory that’s His promise!!!


Author: Romela 'Kim' Seva

Romela 'Kim' Seva, anointed and appointed by the Holy Spirit to minister the Uncompromising Word of God, is a pioneering missionary to Fukuoka, Japan. Her first divine encounter with Christ Jesus was in 2006. Since then she has had dreams, visions, and heard the voice of God. Her deepest desire is to see hearts on fire and burn with a BLAZING love for God, experience His unprecedented presence, rise up with unprecedented boldness and proclaim His Unchanging Word with immense compassion. With an anointing for prophesying, she moves and ministers in the Spirit of the Lord. 'Kim' works as an English teacher at public schools in Japan.