“Healing Rain is Falling Down!”

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Today, I heard the Lord whisper in my ear “Healing rain is falling down; healing rain, healing rain!!!” As soon as I heard Him, I was jumping, dancing and singing for joy — healing rain with fire is coming down from heaven! Healing rain is coming; miracle is on its way. For those who have ears to hear, they know what I mean and can hear the rain blocks away.

The Lord has seen you crying — you have prayed arduously and declared His Word fearlessly yet nothing has changed, and for many of you, your situation has gotten worse. But the Lord has sent me to tell you “Stand strong and stand your ground, warriors!” Be of good courage and know that something powerful is on its way — there’s going to be a DEEP cleansing! Where there has been sorrow, there will be joy; where there has been weeping, there will be rejoicing.

Keep on praying, keep on praising and keep on prophesying. Keep on singing, keep on sowing, keep on declaring and keep on dancing. Your faith is going to rise to another level; you’re being transitioned — you’re leaving the drought and God is getting you ready to go into overflow. The dry ground is breaking, the long dry streak is over and the Lord’s incomparable presence is falling on YOU.

You’ve fought a long battle with your health and relationships, and have gone through a long dry place with your family and finances. You have been in a desert but keep on praying and praising and you’re going to dive into an Oasis. “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting” (Acts 2:2). The wind of change is in the air, “healing rain is falling down,” the dry ground is breaking, breakthrough and restoration is on its way, divine healing and financial healing is coming, glorious joy is coming — and yes, your heart will rejoice over Him with singing!



Author: Romela 'Kim' Seva

Romela 'Kim' Seva, anointed and appointed by the Holy Spirit to minister the Uncompromising Word of God, is a pioneering missionary to Fukuoka, Japan. Her first divine encounter with Christ Jesus was in 2006. Since then she has had dreams, visions, and heard the voice of God. Her deepest desire is to see hearts on fire and burn with a BLAZING love for God, experience His unprecedented presence, rise up with unprecedented boldness and proclaim His Unchanging Word with immense compassion. With an anointing for prophesying, she moves and ministers in the Spirit of the Lord. 'Kim' works as an English teacher at public schools in Japan.