“Fortify Your Walls!”

There is an intense spiritual warfare going on, and in the spirit, I saw many in the body of Christ oppressed, harassed, tormented and tortured by the father of all lies and deception. The deceiver, devourer and destroyer is trying to deceive many warriors into believing there is no hope, no cure, no solution, no deliverance, no salvation, no victory for them and their overwhelming situation. He has ferociously attacked many people, throwing fiery darts at their walls, ways, doors and courses. I heard the enemy scream, “They are not getting out of this mess!” Many were held captive by the enemy. Like prisoners of war, he has tortured them in the form of deprivation, desperation, temptations, accusations, confusion and deception atrociously.

I saw some believers were beaten up and beaten down; while there were who became weary and weak, others were disturbed and disconnected from God. I also saw many people boldly declaring their victory and declaring what was rightfully theirs through the precious blood of the Lamb — the superior BLOOD. In the midst of this fiery battle, I heard God’s people cry; I heard many were calling on the name of the Lord. They were standing on their ground, unwavering, unswerving and standing on God’s promises and His life-changing Word.

Then I saw the Lord in all His splendor telling His people “Fortify your walls!” The greater the spiritual battle, the GREATER the spoils.

Whatever you are facing, do not give up because everything can completely turn around for you tomorrow. The crisis and battle you are facing is setting up your biggest breakthrough. Yes, the enemy is very strategic; he is a long-time planner. He is devious and deceitful and doesn’t play fair. He is good at hijacking your destiny. And he will do every possible way he can to smash and stop you from what God has intended you to be.

Stand your ground, warriors! Keep your faith alive; stay the course! The ultimate price has been paid, the victory has been won and God has released His yoke-breaking anointing to the steadfast believers. There’s power in the blood; DECLARE your breakthrough and deliverance, and the Lord will break the yoke of slavery and remove the burden from your shoulders” (Isaiah 10:27). Fortify your walls and He will see you through. “Then I will make you to this people a fortified wall of bronze; and though they fight against you, they will not prevail over you; for I am with you to save you and deliver you” (Jeremiah 15:20).

YOU are yet to experience something bigger than you have seen. You might find this hard to think or imagine. But there is going to be a DRAMATIC turning point in your life — towards His divine plans and purposes for you in this period, in this hour, in this season. Stand firm on His Word and boldly declare His Word over your circumstances, and watch closely — the Lord will turn the tables around and bring supernatural transformation.

God is telling His people “Fortify your walls!” The greater the spiritual battle, the GREATER the spoils. The greater the battle, the greater the VICTORY. Stand firm on His Word and watch closely; the green light is on — it’s time to be unleashed, to be released, to be delivered — it’s time to break FREE!


Author: Romela 'Kim' Seva

Romela 'Kim' Seva, anointed and appointed by the Holy Spirit to minister the Uncompromising Word of God, is a pioneering missionary to Fukuoka, Japan. Her first divine encounter with Christ Jesus was in 2006. Since then she has had dreams, visions, and heard the voice of God. Her deepest desire is to see hearts on fire and burn with a BLAZING love for God, experience His unprecedented presence, rise up with unprecedented boldness and proclaim His Unchanging Word with immense compassion. With an anointing for prophesying, she moves and ministers in the Spirit of the Lord. 'Kim' works as an English teacher at public schools in Japan.