“Get Rid of the Lid!”

I was about to take a nap today when I heard a thunderous voice saying, “Get rid of the lid!” Without a doubt, it was the Lord; His voice made goosebumps dance over my skin and I weighed deeply in my mind what He has said.

The Free Dictionary defines “lid” as a cover, usually removable or hinged for a receptacle, and it also means a curb, restraint, restrict or limit. This message is for those who have been going around in circles; I sensed that the Lord is sending you a word “to widely open your spiritual ears and feel His heartbeat.”

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. In this hour, “the right hand of God, glorious in power and dashes the enemy in pieces” (Exodus 15:6), is moving! He is moving powerfully, removing every speck, spot, blemish, blur and every invisible impediment that is standing in your way. He is clearing the clutter and lifting up the thick fog that has rendered you blind and incapable of seeing the brand new day.

His mighty hand is smashing every blockade and barricade that has hindered you from moving forward and to achieve greatness. You have been going around in circles and have cried endlessly, “Lord, help me get out of this mess!” Listen, the Lord has heard your painful groans, cry of distress and affliction. He is opening your spiritual ears so that you are able to hear the movements of the Spirit and hear Him breathe life into your dead, hopeless situation.

He has sent a message “to get rid of the lid,” to get rid of the cover, curb, restraint, restrict or limit. We serve a God who has immeasurable power, incalculable wisdom and “His understanding is infinite” (Psalm 147:5). Praise Him for all that He is! He is a wonder-working God and His power is boundless. Unveil your eyes; remove the thick covering on your head — the clamor, complaints and confusion. Open your mouth; decree and declare His Word over your circumstance and watch and see God do a SUDDEN and momentous change in your situation.

You are going out of the circles; you are getting out of this mess. In this hour, God is forming new pathways and releasing divine strategies. He is opening your eyes to SEE — your new season is here! You have been in the wilderness for a long time but God has sent me to tell you, “This is the season to cross over!”

Stop whining and worrying. Start praying and praising! God has got YOU. Obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit, praise and press your way through. Get rid of the lid; remove the bar, bolt, curb and cover. I see you are moving forward, I see you are crossing over. Keep praising. Keep pressing! You are crossing over from despair to hope, from desolation to happiness. You are crossing over from burden to blessing, from dry land to Oasis. Everything around you may look bleak but keep declaring His Word over your circumstance. You are crossing over from chaos to calmness, from failure to success, from debt to riches and yes, you are crossing over from LACK to ABUNDANCE!