“You’re One Step Closer to Beulah Land!”

My spirit has been on FIRE and I have a strong word from the Lord of Hosts for you! God knows exactly what He is doing; He has placed a word in my heart and I believe this is for someone who has been patiently waiting for BREAKTHROUGH.

It has been awhile since I last updated my BLOG but the Lord has never stopped talking to me. I am in total awe and amazement whenever He speaks and gives me words as CLEAR as the noonday. I strongly feel I do have a word from the Lord of Harvest for you. I have been singing, leaping for joy, dancing like David and praising Him like there’s no tomorrow!

Hear this. I am about to release what the Lord wants me to release! Get your heart and spirit ready: I am super thrilled about everything the Lord has been doing. There’s excitement in the air, there’s thrill, there’s joy and there’s something unprecedented coming!

Whatever you are going through, whatever it is that has you bound, whatever it is that has caused you to be intimidated, whatever it is that has impeded your progress or has you restricted or limited, get ready and take His hand. Here’s the Word of the Lord — I heard Him speak to the very depth of my spirit, “You’re one step closer to Beulah Land!”

Open your ears, people, and hear this word. Beulah, according to Easton’s Bible Dictionary means “Your land shall be married,” that is favored and blessed of the Lord.

I see some things in your life are imprisoned right now — your relationship, your inner man, your finances, your dream, your destiny. But I sense a divine deliverance, so get your heart ready! I sense a divine deliverance is getting ready to come to you, to your household, to an utterly impossible situation. The Lord of all creation is about to divinely intervene — stand still and see the great wonders of the Lord — from Him comes your deliverance and salvation!

Care not what other people say and care not what your situation looks like in the natural or how much worse could it get. Your great mountain shall become a plain before you, and the Lord shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying “Grace, grace to it!” (Zechariah 4:7)

What seems so hard, harsh, inescapable or impossible, God says this is but an eenie meenie thing. Your enemies expect you to fail, fall, be fired and lose everything. They expect you to be counted out but watch and see; they are going to have to eat their words. In the midnight hour, God is going to come through; they will stand back and say “Look, what the Lord has done” and your lips will ever praise the Lord of lords!  

“And you’ll no longer be called ‘Deserted,’ and your land will no longer be called ‘Desolate’; but people will call you ‘Hephzibah,’ and your land ‘Beulah’ — for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married” (Isaiah 62:4). Take heart; God will take you to your destination and you will no longer be named desolate or deserted!

“You’re one step closer to Beulah Land” — no doubt about it, take it. This is the word of the Lord and He will bring it about, “Not by might, nor by power but by His spirit!” (Zechariah 4:6)