“Stand Your Ground, I Will Take You Higher!”

Summer in Japan, hot and unrelentingly humid, but this year, I spent my summer in Osaka (大阪) — Osaka literally means “large hill” or “large slope. I enjoyed walking by the river, got soaked by the rain, loved the grand fireworks displays, savored every cold drink, was delighted to meet new people, basked in His light, experienced His unprecedented presence and took delight in His Word that gave me hope after hope after hope.

Summer is almost gone but the fire in my heart keeps burning. On my way back home, back to Fukuoka (福岡), I heard something powerful that gave me chills — I heard His heart sing! I heard the voice of the Lord while waiting for the plane to take off; I heard the heart of heaven. Hear me; listen closely to the thunder of His voice and the rumbling that goes out from His mouth — listen!

This is what He said, “It will be rough, it will be tough: it will be hard and harsh but don’t give up!” Instantly, I sensed a battle, vehement and vicious, but I also sensed the heart of God telling His people to trust Him and to unceasingly praise Him in the valley low and on the mountain top.

He continued, “The battle will be fierce, and fiery darts will be thrown at you one after another.”  This battle will hit you hard, it will be more than you can bear — it will sap your strength, will make your heart cry and will make you bitter. Make no mistake, Satan is the Deadliest Terrorist; he is now actively at work doing his best to deceive, devour and destroy you. He will sabotage your plans, smash everything that which concerns you and shatter every single thing you put your hands to.  

I felt how weighty the battle would be — there will be losses, heartaches, pains and disappointments. You will lose people you thought would be there for you; you will lose confidence, lose some sleep and will refuse entertainments. Some of you are in this battle right now; some are about to go to the field of honor. Build your spiritual muscles, people, work out, put on the FULL armor of God, stand your ground and fight like a warrior!

“I Had A Vision And Saw An Airplane Move In One Direction After Another”

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). Stand your ground and fight like a warrior — God has got this! YOU are not alone. The Lord is with you; keep holding on. He is with you and for you, and if God is for you, who can be against you?” (Romans 8:31). Let nothing move you and let the devil know!

God is with you and has sent a prophetic message for you “Stand your ground, I will take you higher!” As soon as I heard him, I saw a vision: I had a vision and saw an airplane move in one direction after another.

Hear me; I am careful enough to release what I saw because I know in my heart that some folks can’t handle my anointing and sometimes can’t understand the move of the Spirit. But I saw a vision; I saw an airplane and SOME people on the plane — I saw how fast their hearts beat!

The plane was covered with such a glorious and gorgeous light, a light I’ve never seen before. It was brilliantly beautiful, and the Lord led me to this Scripture, “In his feathers he shall deliver you and under his wings you shall have refuge; his truth shall surround you as a supply of armor” (Psalm 91:4). God’s faithfulness is like our shield, a strong armor, and a protective wall. I felt like God was cutting a new Covenant with His people, doing something new in His house, in your house — the house of the fearless and faithful.

Then I saw the plane move around, increase its speed and eventually fly. I saw it fly west, south, east and north and how I saw it fly high!

The battle you will battle is the Lord’s battle. You will find it hard to crush and hard to smash but know this — you are unbreakable! I shared this before but I don’t mind sharing it again. Listen!

“Whatever you are facing, do not give up because everything can completely turn around for you tomorrow. The crisis and battle you are facing is setting up your biggest breakthrough. Yes, the enemy is very strategic; he is a long-time planner. He is devious and deceitful and doesn’t play fair. He is good at hijacking your destiny. And he will do every possible way he can to smash and stop you from what God has intended you to be.”

The battle will be tough and bitter but stand your ground, warriors — you will be tougher and better. God has sent a prophetic message for you, “Stand your ground, I will take you higher!” 💕