It has been a week since I heard the message delivered by an Australian Pastor at Lifehouse Osaka. Beautiful message it was; in his sermon, he mentioned “Pass through the Valley of Baca” (Psalm 84:6, NASB).  

Thus said, the Valley of Baca” was like a fire burning deep inside my soul and I could not contain it. Today while praying, I heard the Spirit of the Living God whisper in the depth of my spirit. This is what I heard, “I will prepare a refreshing spring in the Valley of Weeping!” Eventually, I found myself sitting with the Lord; my heart was filled with joy and I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Baca, by variant spelling, in New American Standard Bible and other versions, denotes tears, grief or weeping; thus the Valley of Baca is translated as “Valley of Weeping.” Some of you are stuck in this valley; others have been here LONG enough but the Lord has sent a prophetic message proclaiming I will prepare a refreshing spring!”

If I remember last Sunday, while we were worshiping, I saw a vision — it was but clear. Now, some people may find this awful or alarming but let me say this, “Do not fear what they fear!” (Isaiah 8:12)

In my vision, I saw a huge fiery serpent with a huge fiery mouth opened wide and STEAMING. Now, I could not fully describe how huge the serpent was but it stood on a vast battlefield facing God’s people who looked so tiny, and the serpent was ready to devour all and leave nothing. 

I saw the people marching forward, ready to cross over. The adversary was moving towards them, filled with terrible anger. God’s people kept PRESSING, praising, praying and solely putting their trust in the Lord of Hosts because they believed that “there is salvation in His hand.” They were marching forward, ready to cross over, yes, cross over from GLOOM to BLOOM, from plight to delight, from scarcity to surplus, from burden to blessing, from Wasteland to Wonderland.

They were working, tirelessly working, watching, waiting and they were fearless. With nothing but fearless faith, I saw their hands were lifted up in prayer and their eyes to the hills — they stood firmly on God’s immutable promises.

The evil one was working overtime; he knew that his time was short and was more fierce and furious. I heard him roar like a lion, move strategically and swiftly, and throw people into confusion and chaos! Then, I heard God’s people in great uproar, weary and worn-out; the adversary was ready to devour and destroy them. Just when I thought that the marchers were about to be swallowed up, I saw something lit up that regained the marchers’ inner strength — then with one voice I heard them cry “There’s power in the name of Jesus, there’s power in His name!”

Lo and behold, I saw a light, an amazingly dazzling light! I had no words to describe; it was like the blazing sun and was brilliantly bright! The light stood mightily in the midst of the huge fiery serpent and God’s people. God heard the supplication of His warriors — He stepped in and showed Himself undefeated even in the fiercest battle!

Keep praising, keep pressing, people! “The salvation of the righteous comes from the LORD; he is their stronghold in time of trouble” (Psalm 62:1). You may be in the Valley of Baca now but “do not cease to cry to the LORD our God that He may save you out of the hand of the enemy” (1 Samuel 7:8). “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27)

Do not fear; for the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, is with you. He will oppose those who oppose you, contend those who contend with you, attack those who attack you and will defeat the ruthless foe!

Take heart, weepers! The Lord is the refreshing spring in the valley, He will wash away your tears. He has sent a message of hope proclaiming, “I will prepare a refreshing spring in the Valley of Weeping!” Your tears and labors in the Lord are never in vain; “that which you sow in tears, soon you shall reap with joyful shouting!” (Psalm 126:5)