Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, has already caused enormous damage in the Caribbean region. The damage has been catastrophic; my heart is saddened to see many have been left homeless, people sitting in the dark in ruined houses, lives lost and widespread destruction.

Inland and island countries in Caribbean, my thoughts and prayers are with you — may God hear the voice and supplications of those gravely affected by this disaster. Florida, Georgia and Carolina, may the Lord of Hosts cover you with His pinions and under His wings may you find refuge; may His faithfulness be your armor, shield and buckler!


My heart was crying out to the Lord the other day and I heard Him speak to my spirit “Release My people, let them go!” I heard His thunderous voice and the sound that goes out of His mouth; the next day, I heard Him boldly say, “Speak to the Pharaoh.”

Prophetically, I believe God is telling His people that their “deliverance is at hand” for He has boldly declared “Set My people free.” Warriors, it’s time to rise up, gather your strength, Go to Pharaoh and speak to him, ‘Thus says the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, “Let My people go, that they may serve Me.” (Exodus 9:1)


An alarm has sounded; God has spoken your release and it was clearer than the noonday. He wants to lead you out of bondage, out of slavery, out of debt, out of a MESS — but there is a “Pharaoh” in your way!

“Pharaoh” represents the stumbling block to your divine release. He brags and boasts that He would not set you free, that you are powerless and vulnerable and that he has authority to control you and your future destinies. He is your enemy, the one who stands against you to keep you in bondage and slavery, to stop you from marching forward, to delay the fulfillment of God’s promises and keep you from entering into your new season. He wants to keep you in the dark and keep you from reaching your God-given destination.

Yes, he is doing everything he can to stop you from receiving your long-awaited deliverance and breakthrough. But God has promised and He has spoken, “Release My people, let them go!”


Your Pharaoh is anyone or anything that keeps you in bondage, and the obvious one is the devil. He hates it when God raises His people up and takes them to a whole new level. He is the one who prevents you from being free in the purposes of God, but as born again Christians, you have to rise up to exercise the authority God has given you. In the name of Christ Jesus, go to Pharaoh and speak to him, Thus says the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, “Release My children, let them go; release me, let me go!!!”

Arise, soldiers; know that the mighty hand of God is swiftly moving in this hour, and ushering you through the pathway of salvation. He is moving and advancing — anything that has been suppressed and repressed will be released because it is time and it shall fully manifest in this new season.

“Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the LORD comes, for it is near at hand” (Joel 2:1). Arise, march forward, take what is rightfully yours and “take possession of the enemy’s land!” (Deuteronomy 2:31)

Arise; God wants to take you to new heights that you have never thought possible. He wants you to move forward and move at speeds you have never thought achievable. He has sent a message and has boldly spoken. Soldiers of Christ, arise and advance — “I believe that something phenomenal is about to happen!”