“You Are About To Step Into Something You Have Been Waiting For”

Photo Via Pexels

I was having my devotional a few days ago and heard the Lord whisper “You are about to step into something you have been waiting for.” His words echoed in the air; He was telling me that He’s going to display the wonders of His furious love to those who have been “worshipping while waiting in line,” to His mighty men and women of valor.

I believe this message is for them who have been waiting for the mighty move of God to perform miracles and to display mega wonders. The Lord wants to speak to everyone who have been “WAITING IN LINE” — listen to those who have ears!


In the spirit, I saw many men and women of valor kept walking with heads held high though some people walked out on them, wrote them off and utterly forsook them. I saw some folks attempted to cripple their God-given dream. These mighty men and women of valor uttered, “Let all that I am wait in silence before the Lord, for He only is my strength, stronghold and salvation.” They were worn out from sobbing and flooded their beds with weeping — they languished on account of their affliction. Their hands were stretched out to the Heart of Heaven. I heard them cry Isaiah 54:10 “Lord, though the mountains crumble and hills collapse, yet Your unfailing love for me will not be shaken!”


Listen — you may have journeyed through a LOOOONG dark night but look, the dawn is now breaking! “Behold, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth; this is the time for singing” (See Solomon 2:11-12). Whatever the Lord has planted in your heart, He is more than able to bring it to fruition. Keep walking, for you are one step closer to your God-given destination. God knows your dreams and desires; He is the One who put them deep inside of your heart. He knows you have been walking through HELL; He knows those people you thought would be there for you have torn your heart apart.


You have been through the fire and ferocious battle and are standing STILL. You have come this far, now the Lord is telling you, “I am bringing My justice near; it is not far away, and My salvation will not delay, I will put My salvation in Zion, My splendor in Israel” (Isaiah 46:13).

Cast your eyes forwards, not backwards; keep on walking with your head held high. Keep moving forward — dare to believe that “your salvation is nigh” (Psalm 85:9). The God you serve will fully gratify your every desire for what is truly good and make your work of faith COMPLETE. He will demonstrate His word and promise; He will display the wonders of His love “not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6). Keep walking for “you are about to step into something you have been waiting for.” Watch what God will do with your life as you serve Him, sing for Him, seek Him and His strength and seek His face evermore!



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