I deeply sense that something is headed your way and it is much better than what you ask for or imagine. You may have lost something and lost hope, but your inevitable losses are nothing compared to what is coming, for it is sent from the Heart of Heaven. Now hear me, I do not say this lightly but prophetically. God is working behind the scenes on your behalf and He has been moving strategically.

Engage with the Holy Spirit and experience the mystery of God’s providence and the depths of His power. He will literally shift your life and the atmosphere.

The Lord of Hosts is coming to give you relief, and your eyes rest. “He will come to your rescue with thunder and earthquake and loud noise, with wind storm and tempest” (Isaiah 29:6). He has kept track of all your sorrows, and all your tears He has collected. You have been wandering and have been through the worst but listen — the season has shifted!

The remainder of the year 2018 is significant for you. Stay close to the Lord and He shall breathe on that issue. SOAK in His presence and “unceasingly SEEK His face” (1 Chronicles 16:11). Do not lose heart or lose sight of Him — for then you shall SEE something supernatural is going to take place! ❤️



  1. Yes, His plans, Always, are to do us Good and not harm. Where there is no way, He creates one! He is the God of Creation…Nothing is too hard for Him. If We just draw near and Keep our Confidence in Him. He’s a Good, Good Father!

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    1. Yes, yes! He is our Ultimate Way-maker; His way is perfect and all His paths are peace. His perfect way sets many believers free. He will set you free. Stay relentless — He is moving and will show Hinself strong on your behalf ❤️


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