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Increase, according to The Free Dictionary, means to become greater or larger, to reproduce, to expand, to multiply, to magnify. It also suggests steady growth, to enhance, to advance, to heighten, to amplify, to intensify. 

Recently I heard a thunderous voice speak to my spirit, “The Lord of Hosts is increasing you; the Lord of Hosts is increasing you!” I felt the Lord was speaking to many “anointed vessels” who have been the targets of the Spirit of Assassination and attempted to break their necks and brutally break them to pieces before their breakthrough.


The devil has loosed the Spirit of Assassination to utterly destroy as many believers as possible, to see their hearts never get healed or they never ever recover. I sense there is so much seed of bitterness, betrayal and brokenness; there is desperation, discouragement and complete disaster. The devil doesn’t just want you to have a bad hair day but wants you to go through hell, havoc, doom, downfall, wretchedness and woe. “He wants to steal, kill and destroy you” (John 10:10).

Many have been under attack and are strategically set up for destruction. But the Spirit of the Living God has been running to and fro throughout the earth to strengthen the hearts of His “anointed vessels” who have become the targets of the Spirit of Assassination.


Look up and lift up your heads, sons and daughters of Zion! The Lord has seen the misery of His people; “He is aware of their tribulation” (Exodus 3:7). Take heart, “God is showing Himself strong on your behalf” (2 Chronicles 16:9). He has purged, purified and prepared you for such a time as this and used the heated furnace to make you even tougher than tough. The eternally defeated foe has designed plot after plot against your heart, health, mind, ministry, dream, destiny, family and finances. But “what the evil meant against you, God meant it for your good” (Genesis 50:20), to prepare your heart for what the Lord is about to release.

The Lord has been working behind the scenes on your behalf and is getting your heart in divine alignment. Watch, this is your season of UNUSUAL increase, expansion and enlargement!


There is a shaking and shifting taking place right now and I see some of you are ready for what is coming and what He is releasing. You have been swimming in the sea of sorrows and suffering but take heart, for here comes your divine release and rejoicing! There is going to be a greater demonstration of God’s providence and power. I have deeply sensed this and see many broken vessels are being made whole, more beautiful and tougher than ever.

Hold your head high, for this is your appointed time and season. The devil has plotted to see your downfall but the Lord is taking you to a higher dimension. The Lord has released new schemes and strategies, and I see He is increasing your strength and stability to stand in the process. He is INTENSIFYING your senses and INCREASING your wisdom to improve your victories.

Your eyes will see clearer than ever before and your ears will clearly hear the Heartbeat of Heaven. You are to yet to see greater things for “He is able to do infinitely more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). Watch, I see you are breaking paradigms, breaking new grounds and being brought to a higher dimension. This is your transitional moment, and I see God stretching you beyond your capacity, spreading your wings and shifting you to a new horizon!




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In my quiet time recently, I felt the Lord of Hosts was using forms and forces of nature to carry out His orders. Just as “He makes the clouds His chariot and rides on the wings of the wind, so He makes the wind His messengers and His flaming fire His ministers” (Psalm 104:3-4). 

In the natural, everything around you may look bleak and you feel like your life has been exactly the opposite. But whatever the Lord has spoken TO you and OVER you, stand firm — for He who lives on high “watches over His word to perform it” (Jeremiah 1:12). Remember, God’s Not Dead! Stop worrying about how things look right now for He is setting you up to succeed.

In the Spirit, I sensed His winds swirl about, turning round and round at His direction, accomplishing all that He commanded them and made things happen to show you His loving devotion. I felt Him speak and stir up a tempest that lifted high the waves of the sea and was about to do a momentous change in your situation.

It is the Lord who makes the clouds rise at the end of the earth, who makes lightnings for the rain and brings forth the wind from His storehouses. And so it is He who speaks to you, “I am sending out My winds to fulfill My word and promises!”

The Downfall of Facebook!

It is not coming. It IS already happening.  They have grown powerful and proud, and provoke trouble that only brings disaster on them and their people. Their vanity has come up to HIS ears; their arrogance will lead to their downfall. 

“The Great I Am” has sent word after word and His messengers, but they will not listen and have despised and disregarded HIS name. Their god is their appetite and their glory is in their shame. Pride and prejudice are at the bottom of their transgression. I see that they are headed for destruction.  

“Return to the LORD your God, for you have stumbled in your iniquity” (Hosea 14:1). This message is not only for Facebook, but let those who have spiritual ears hear, and those who have eyes see. 

Should Facebook have any complaints and remove this post because it goes “against one of their specific Community Standards,” and they find this message offensive or abusive, please don’t hesitate to visit my website. “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” (Ephesians 6:10)


I deeply sense that something is headed your way and it is much better than what you ask for or imagine. You may have lost something and lost hope, but your inevitable losses are nothing compared to what is coming, for it is sent from the Heart of Heaven. Now hear me, I do not say this lightly but prophetically. God is working behind the scenes on your behalf and He has been moving strategically.

Engage with the Holy Spirit and experience the mystery of God’s providence and the depths of His power. He will literally shift your life and the atmosphere.

The Lord of Hosts is coming to give you relief, and your eyes rest. “He will come to your rescue with thunder and earthquake and loud noise, with wind storm and tempest” (Isaiah 29:6). He has kept track of all your sorrows, and all your tears He has collected. You have been wandering and have been through the worst but listen — the season has shifted!

The remainder of the year 2018 is significant for you. Stay close to the Lord and He shall breathe on that issue. SOAK in His presence and “unceasingly SEEK His face” (1 Chronicles 16:11). Do not lose heart or lose sight of Him — for then you shall SEE something supernatural is going to take place! ❤️


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Last night, I had a dream where I saw myself drunk in the Spirit and was declaring with boldness, “It’s time to leave; it’s time to soar!” I almost fell as I encountered His presence, but then I opened my eyes, grabbed my two black suitcases and was going for a new adventure 🙂   

Warriors, it’s time to “forget those things which are behind and look forward to what lies ahead” (Philippians 3:13). It’s time to arise, gather your strength, advance and get your heart ready for the alarm has sounded. It’s time to leave the woes, wound, despair and disappointment behind; it’s time for departure. It’s time to leave the brokenness; it’s time to soar!

Remember God’s Word, the word which He Himself spoke to YOU. “Has He ever promised and will He not carry it through” (Numbers 23:19)? The Lord of Hosts is stirring your heart in a new direction. He has opened new horizons — some of you are about to relocate geographically and are going to step out into the unknown. Some of you are being positioned for a divine purpose. The Lord is moving right now and taking you above confusion, commotion and chaos.

God is thrilled to take you to new heights that you have never thought possible. He is moving forward and moves at speeds unachievable. It is time for departure. It’s time to leave; it’s time to soar! Trust Him; “He will not let you leave empty-handed” (Exodus 3:21). He will empower you with inner strength through His Spirit” (Ephesians 3:16) and “will abundantly supply your every need” (Philippians 4:19).

Sons and daughters of Zion, this is your transitional season. There is going to be a momentous change in your story, status and situation. You are being transformed and transitioned for such a time as this. Watch and see as the Spirit of the Living God breaks every barrier that has held you captive for years, and hindered your enlargement and advancement into pieces!  


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In my quiet time with the Lord recently, I felt Him speak to my spirit, “In this hour, many Judahs, my power praisers, are being strengthened internally and externally so that they are able to stand firm against the devil’s schemes and strategies. In this season, many Josephs, the dreamers who patiently persevere in the face of hardships, are being saved for putting their fearless faith in Me and not in their overwhelming circumstances.”

Judahs, I see you are in a season of turbulence and are facing countless adversities and afflictions. Josephs, you are in the death pit, put to prison and are in overwhelming situations. Stand firm, all that you have gone through cannot kill you. The Great I Am has allowed this to happen for His glory — keep praising and pushing — He will see you through.

As long as you’re not dead, the Spirit of the Living God is not done. As long as you’re going to push, God has got a plan. Keep praising, keep praying and keep pushing. The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has spoken, “I am calling my Judahs and Josephs to keep praising and pushing; your season is turning!”

The house of Judah and the house of Joseph will share in the victory under God’s providence and protection. In the next 7 months to come, repayment, recompense, and restoration are coming to His people; they will sing for joy to the Lord and will be heard shouting, “Lord, You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion!” (Psalm 16:5, Passion)


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I had a vision where I saw the Lion of Judah in all His majesty and magnificence. It was like being hit by a crashing wave; I was utterly overwhelmed by His presence! I looked around, and I realized we were in a “field that was already ripe for the sickle” (John 4:35). When I looked again, I saw the Lion of Judah stand tall! He opened His mouth and I heard Him roar, “Let the LION inside of you arise!” Astounded, I saw the words coming out of His mouth; it was a divine surprise.

I have a strong sense of hope and encouragement from the Heart of Heaven. The Lion of Judah has spoken! This is for those who are “hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4:8-9). Take heart, for the word God has spoken to you and over you “will not return to Him void” (Isaiah 55:11).

Yes, there have been onslaughts and opposition. You have been through HELL and HAVOC and there is just too much going on. You have labored and loved but the people you thought would stay with you through thick and thin have left you hanging in the air, battered and blatantly broken. They despised you, labeled you as “delusional,” “despicable” and “deceived,” and you thought you were going insane. You are heavy-hearted. Your “strength is turned into the drought of summer” (Psalm 32:4), and you are beyond exhausted.

But watch — the Lion of Judah has stepped in! He has got your back and you are getting back up again. The Spirit of the Living God is moving on your behalf. Has He not purged, purified and prepared you for such a time as this, and used the fire to make you even tougher than tough?

You are pressing in His strength — you are being restored and replenished. You will increase; you will perceive it for His new level of anointing has been released. You just don’t know but you are about to discover the hidden treasures locked up inside of you. Keep pressing in His strength and watch closely — God is going to come through! “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest” (John 4:35). God has called, chosen and commissioned you, and through you, many nations will shake and shift, for His marvelous and mysterious ways are now about to manifest.

Arise, “let the LION inside of you arise, sons and daughters of Zion!” Advance; boldly DECREE and DECLARE God’s word over your season and your seemingly hopeless situation. For “He will take great delight in you; in His love He will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:17). Arise and advance — and watch and see the Lion of Judah roar and reverse everything! Ascend; be brave and bold and let Him bring out the BEST in you. Warriors, let the Lord DEEPLY work IN you and THROUGH you, and He will accelerate your long-awaited breakthrough!


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