Soar Like The Eagles!

The dawn is breaking; I saw a beautiful sunrise. It’s time for the forgotten, forlorn, unnoticed, undervalued, misinterpreted and misunderstood to arise. Mount up your wings like the eagles, you will SOAR! Soar, soar like the eagles; I see you SOAR with the Savior and you will soar like never before!


I Heard God Whisper To My Heart And His Whisper Is More Powerful Than The Enemy’s Roar!

I had a vision where I saw the enemy strew black ashes far and wide and this has caused extreme confusion, calamity, commotion and chaos. In the spirit, I saw the earth shake in the four corners of the globe, mountains crumble into the heart of the sea, raging seas roar, brave hearts bleed, eyelids gush out with waters and manifold things are beyond outrageous.

Warriors near and far have been grievously afflicted by the evil one who has brought with them severe depression, desolation, devastation, division, disappointment and utter discouragement. They have been through the turbulence of the old season and have felt exceedingly overwhelmed by the fierce winds the enemy has sent.

I Heard The Enemy Laugh

Watch, the air is toxic beyond measure! Now is the hour to be more watchful, wakeful, sober-minded, self-disciplined, focused and firm in your faith like never before. I heard the enemy laugh like lunatic because he knows you are going through difficult seasons in life where you don’t know what to do. He is attempting to abort and assault, crush you to pieces and “comes only to steal and kill and destroy you” (John 10:10).

The War Is Raging

Now the ashes have dimmed your hope, diverted your focus, stolen your joy, shattered your dreams and brought an overwhelming, oppressive feeling. I see you are struggling to overcome your feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and all around you, the war is raging. I heard the enemy laugh again; he laughed even more insanely than before. But “I heard God whisper to my heart and His whisper is more powerful than the enemy’s roar!”

Take Heart and Take His Hand

God knows you are going through severe trials and tribulations. He knows your pain, heartache, loss and suffering — He sees you’re “grieving over distressing situations” (2 Samuel 13:19). He knows that you are in the midnight hour where you have cried out to God over and over “Lord, what am I supposed to do?” But listen — I heard God whisper “Take heart and take My hand, I promise that you will have your breakthrough!”

Arise, Take Your Authority

The enemy knows you have something BIG inside you and knows more about your potential and power than you do. He prowls around like a roaring lion and is “seeking ways to strategically destroy you” (1 Peter 5:8). In the natural, it may look like he is winning, but stand your ground — he has been defeated. Arise, take your authority by releasing faith-filled words, and watch and see God’s restorative power move with vast strength and speed!


The Lord of Hosts has been continually talking to me about His turnaround power and miraculous wonders. Watch — angels of turnaround have already been dispatched into the lives of many lionhearted believers! God has been miraculously working within the hearts of His remnant chosen by grace. He is on the move and releasing a great outpouring in the secret place.

He is intensely working in your heart so you can bear the intensity of what He is about to release. Assigned angels are coming down from heaven to impart turnaround powers to His warriors to overthrow and overturn your enemies. Watch, in this hour God is shifting your status, situation and story. There is a mighty move of the Spirit of God right now — warriors, arise with a ROAR OF VICTORY!

“Let The Heart Of Heaven Do What He Needs To Do!”

There is a huge shift in the atmosphere and I see some things have gotten worse than before. The PAIN this shift has caused to many believers is INTENSE AND INDESCRIBABLE, and I saw many soldiers shed bitter tears and shout “Lord, You are my Strength, Shelter and Savior!”

For over three weeks now, I have felt this unbearable pain and it is but heartbreaking. I hear some people ask “Is there ever a song of joy in the morning?” I clearly see many wounded warriors. They look extremely weary and worn-out, but I do see how hard they have fought to stay the course.

Now with tears in my eyes, I am writing this. In the spirit, I heard the Lord say, “Open your eyes for I am about to show you what LOVE truly is!” God is moving and doing some miraculous works in you and through you. Open your heart — His fierce and furious love will see you through!

Let the things you can’t control go. Let go and let God “who is in control” do what only He can do!!! You may think your dreams have been shattered or you have lost everything. You may have questioned yourself “When is my breakthrough coming?” You may think your situation is beyond repair — your world has turned upside down and now you begin to wonder if things would ever get any better. But God specializes in things called impossible — “the LORD of the Heavenly Armies is His name, and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer.” (Isaiah 54:5)

Let hope RISE. See your situation through His loving eyes. God is realigning and readjusting some things so that you are able to accomplish the task He has set before you. “Let the Heart of Heaven do what He needs to do!”

His love will restore. His love will radically shift things and turn the tide in your favor. I know how hard it has been but know this — His love will accelerate your healing. When all hope seems lost, that’s when He steps in and speeds up your blessing. You are destined for BIG things, don’t you dare give up, don’t surrender. You just don’t realize — but your breakthrough is just around the corner!

“Your Long-awaited Dreams Are Yet To Come True!”

2018 is here and many have welcomed the New Year  with thrill, tickle, excitement and expectation. They are eagerly waiting for “the vision which is yet for an appointed time” (Habakkuk 2:3), and believe that “the Lord is still in the business of acceleration.”

I don’t know who I am talking to but the Lord says the promise He has placed in your heart is yet to manifest, and you are aware that there are some necessary steps required to do. He has released a word of hope saying “Your long-awaited dreams are yet to come true!”

I Saw Many Warriors Held Captive By The Enemy

The Lord reminded me of the dreams I had in October and November 2017 where I saw many warriors held captive by the enemy. In October, I saw the enemy (disguised as a woman of authority) use her power and position and give orders to a man who had no choice but to obey. Every time the man obeyed her orders, she would laugh so hard as if she has gone mad and her eyes turned blood-red. The man was under her control, but I saw myself in the spirit and cried out to the Lord for the man to be delivered.

In November, I saw a DESTINY HELPER leaving, but with a heart filled with love and happiness he whispered in my ear, “I’m going to call you.” He was going somewhere to do what the Lord has instructed him to do.

Fast forward, I saw the enemy and his horde take him down, handcuff him and give him multiple shots in the neck until his neck sore. I was crying and lifted up my voice saying “Lord, You alone are my Stronghold and Savior!” The man, in agony, tried to shout as loud as he could with a message “Be strong, for I am shaking and shifting!” My heart cried out to the Lord and asked for strength; He heard my cry, infused strength into me and I saw myself break forth into singing!  

Stand on the Word

I believe many in the body of Christ have been waiting for their dreams to come to pass and His promises to come to fruition. But the enemy, crafty and cunning, has been working hard enough to DERAIL THEIR DESTINIES and creating conflict, chaos and confusion. I saw the devil doing every possible way he could to stop you and your DESTINY HELPERS from what God has intended you to be. He was screaming lies at your heart and mind, and lies were his sweet candy.

He was assaulting like mad man the promises of the Lord. But, stand on your ground, warriors, and stand on the Word! Stand fearless! Do not settle for less. Do not entertain the enemy. Do not agree with his decree! You have a BIG job to do for Jesus. Stand on the word and the Word will bring it to pass!  

Surrender, Soak, Seek, Speak

The last year 2017 may have been difficult and dreaded to many believers, but I believe what they went through has stabilized their faith and foundation. Although there were shaking and shifting, stirring and sifting, rift and roar, ruckus and rumble, every unimaginable pang and pain has made them even stronger than the old season.

In November, though I said that 2018 is going to be a year of Freedom and the Lord’s Favor, the Lord has also highlighted that 2018 will be a year of the FULFILLMENT of His promises. To have this fully manifest, much is required to fully SURRENDER your heart to the Heart of Heaven, deeply SOAK in His presence, continually SEEK his face and boldly SPEAK the word over your circumstances.

I See Many Brave Hearts Break Forth Into Singing

I see that this is your DARKEST season. But keep your eyes on the LIGHT, keep pressing forward and keep holding on. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get the best. But stand on the word and “hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised” (Hebrews 10:23).

Keep your eyes ridiculously focused on Jesus — that’s the key. Keep your eyes on the end result you desperately long to see! Your time is coming. And I see many brave hearts break forth into singing!

For over 6 months now, the Lord has been highlighting this word on my heart — SOAR. I believe this year 2018, many unafraid and undaunted hearts will move with winds and SOARtheir DREAMS will take flight reaching far beyond the highest height and see greater manifestations of the Holy Ghost like never before! 

“Your Goliath Is About To Fall!”

Since August 2017, the word “giant” has waxed hot within me, burning in my heart and soul. Today, as I sat with the Lord, I heard the heart of heaven whisper to my heart “Your Goliath is about to fall!”

“Giant” according to The Free Dictionary is someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful; gigantic, behemoth, Goliath, monster. In our lives, we all face and will face giants at one time or another. Most of us are facing the “Giants” right now — seemingly insurmountable problems, pressures, predicaments, pains and persecutions. Others are facing Goliaths in their Promised Land causing extreme difficulties and overwhelming issues and bringing with them life-threatening situations.  

Truth be told, battling giants does not only debilitate your strength but completely drain you. But take heart, for I heard the Lord whisper in my ear, I am about to do what only I can do!”

These menacing giants may have threatened or terrified you inhabiting your Land of Promise. But if God is with you and for you, there is nothing to fear for “the battle is not yours but His” (2 Chronicles 20:15). “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed” (Isaiah 41:10) There may be giants in your Promised Land but if the Lord Himself declared that you can have it, then every giant can be defeated.

Keep your eyes on the one and only giant-slayer. The Lord has been speaking to me and is about to show off His turnaround power. “Your Goliath may have come to you with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but come to him in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom he has defied” (1 Samuel 17:45). Remain unshaken; the Lord of Hosts is on your side.

The monster may be attacking you and attempting to raise up futile imaginations and lies after lies causing doubts, discouragement and desperation. Don’t listen to him or entertain him; he is coming against you with terror in the transition.

Stay ridiculously focused on your goals and stay fearless and faithful. Whatever your Goliath may be, put your hope in the Lord and watch and see — “Your Goliath is about to fall!” One small stone, one sure shot and one BIG God is all you need and watch and see, He is about to show you gigantic displays of His power! When the Lord springs into action, His enemies scatter.

Your gigantic blessings will come right along with gigantic opposition. Stay ridiculously focused on your goals and the Lord Himself will take you from your current season to your God-given destination!

I See Someone Is About To Do A “Butterfly Dance”

“Butterfly,” I felt this word burning in my heart and soul as 2017 is coming to a close. Mighty Warriors, the Lord of Hosts has been working to transform you like never before — stay tough and tenacious (Joshua 1:9).

Contrary to popular belief, the “butterfly” symbolizes transformation, resurrection, joy, freedom and new beginning. Hear me — I see someone is about to do a “butterfly dance” and move from where they are to their next phase of being!

I See Many Are Like In A Cocoon

Right now, I see many in the body of Christ are like “in a cocoon” and going through extreme difficulty, discomfort and distress. Others are faced with a terrible dilemma and are experiencing overwhelming circumstances. Many have struggled and sweat in 2017, and as difficult as this year has been, others have experienced the intense “shaking and shifting.” Be unafraid and undaunted; the Lord is doing some realignment and readjustment for His armies to encounter His power and presence through dramatic breakthrough and blessing.

Believe That Your Butterfly Season Is Here

I believe that we are in a season where God moves in ways He has never done before. He is moving swiftly, speeding things up, shifting things and “showing Himself strong in the behalf of His men and women of valor” (2 Chronicles 16:9). Maybe you are in the darkest cocoon, but focus on how God’s providence works and focus on His power. Believe that your butterfly season is here!

You Are Going To Soar

You are undergoing a remarkable transformation called “metamorphosis.” It may be utterly unpleasant and uncomfortable but trust God in the process. Many have released a word for 2018, and as the Lord has impressed in my heart, 2018 is going to be a “Year of Freedom and the Lord’s Favor.” Deep in your heart, you know that God has something better in store for YOU, and in 2018, I see you are going to SOAR.

In the next few months, I see some lionhearted fighters (chrysalis) are coming out and transformed into a beautiful butterfly. I see your freedom is at hand, I see how high you can fly and how freely you can touch the sky! The Lord is working to radically transform you so that you are well able to do what He has called you to; stay tough and tenacious. I see someone is about to do a “butterfly dance” — warriors, get ready for your breakthroughs!

“Your Greatest Opposition Is Setting Up Your Biggest Breakthrough!”

These words were deep in my heart; His spirit spoke to my spirit. I want to encourage those who have been misunderstood, mistreated, condemned, criticized, attacked and assailed — you are not walking through a pathway of defeat!

Trust Him In The Pruning, Purging And Purifying

Whoever needed this word, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is speaking to you. I believe that there is nothing that you go through that the Omniscient One doesn’t know. The season you are in may be utterly unspeakable but trust God in the process. Stop stressing for He has got this! You do not have to fight “the shaking and shifting.” Let God do what He needs to do and trust Him in the pruning, purging and purifying.

Hold Your Peace And Remain At Rest

Fear not what the attackers or your opponents may say — hold your peace and remain at rest. Stay focused and fearless for “faithful is He who promised” (Hebrews 10:23). Let not your heart be troubled (John 14:1) but yield your heart wholly to the Lord. Clearly, you have heard from Him so keep going and keep holding on to His word. The storm may be turbulent all around you. But remember that these attacks and oppositions always come before your biggest breakthrough.

The God Of Breakthrough Is Forcefully Moving

God is getting your heart ready for greater heights and greater depths in Him so that you can squash through every barricade and smash every blockage to experience an ever greater measure of His power and presence. Watch, for He is about to show off His magnificence!

The God of Breakthrough is forcefully moving in this period and in this season. Be fixed and firm in your faith; God is stabilizing your faith and your foundation. The King is still sitting on the throne and He wants to remind you. Remain unshaken for “Your greatest opposition is setting up your biggest breakthrough!”