Something has been burning inside of me, something unexplainable and I deeply sense that there is something unexpected coming. A few days ago, before the throne of grace, I heard the mountains and the hills break forth before many brave hearts into singing!

I heard the trees of the field clap their hands with their branches. I heard a voice saying “This is NOT going to be a usual process.” I heard the sound of cascading waters speak “Bring your finger and behold My hands, be no longer in doubt.” I heard the Lord whisper in my ear, In joy, you will indeed go out and in peace, you will be led out.”


RIFT, by definition, is a detachment, rupture, fissure, break, gap, cleft, crack or opening; to come apart, to burst open, to split, to splinter. To SIFT is to separate, to pass through a sieve, to part, to set apart from others, to strain, to filter.

Some of you have had RIFT experiences over the past few months or years. You feel exceedingly overwhelmed, are crushed by your circumstances and at times, wondering if the Lord is still with you or hears your prayers.

Others have felt like being SIFTED; your world has turned upside down and caused you to feel like trampled sheaves on a threshing floor. But, you know that the time has come to lay aside every weight” (Hebrews 12:1), let go of some people who disbelieve, discredit or disregard you and leave the ones who hinder you from going higher as the Lord so desires for you to SOAR. Listen — you have the strength and stamina to let go. Say “No” to grow and go where the Holy Spirit is leading you.


The rift and time of sifting is but for a season. It may be painful but keep holding on. God has allowed this to happen to prepare, push you forward, propel and promote you. Watch, this season is coming to an end — soon your lips will praise the Lord of Harvest to whom all praise is due.


Hold your head high and keep holding on. I heard the Lord say, “It’s your DUE season!” There may be MOURNING now but open your eyes and you will be able to clearly see the “joyful MORNING approaching” (Psalm 30:5). Watch and see — the wind is changing! You may think you are not going to make it to the other side but the Lord is about to propel you from a sitting position into a running position. Keep pushing and pressing forward for He is ready to meet you halfway — His reward is with Him and it is exceedingly beyond your wildest imagination!



It may be early (or late to some) to release this word for 2018 but with the leading of the Holy Spirit, I am releasing it anyway. This is what I heard after talking heart-to-heart with the Lord of Heaven’s Armies the other day. I heard Him speak “2018 is the Year of Freedom and the Lord’s Favor!” I know I heard it right and was so thrilled to sit with Him; He then led me to Scripture after Scripture.

“The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me; he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed and to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners” (Isaiah 61:1, ISV). Prisoners of hope, God has seen your tears and heard your prayers. Many are your afflictions but take heart, “the LORD will mercifully deliver you out of them all” (Psalm 34:19). Stay focused, fearless and faithful.

The signification of the number 18 in the Bible comes from its symbolic definition for bondage and captivity. I see many in the body of Christ have been enslaved and ensnared by Satan, the devourer, and have cried out to the Lord for LIBERTY. Many have been suffering from disease, difficulty, depression and distress, and I see some are drowning in debt. All hope seems lost; they are utterly desperate.

The evil one, the deceiver and destroyer imprisons many soldiers. He knows his time is limited and has released his horde of evil spirits to strategically smash and squash many believers. There have been onslaughts, oppositions, fiery battles and fierce beatings going on. There has been destruction after destruction. I see armies of God sorely weep. They are weary, worn-out, struggling for peace and struggling to come back to the Heart of Worship.

Get up on your feet, prisoners! You have been held captives by the enemy for years. Take heart, for the King has declared your divine release. “He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of the LORD’s favor has come, and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies” (Isaiah 61:2).

“And this woman, a daughter of Abraham as she is, whom Satan has bound for eighteen long years, should she not have been released from this bond on the Sabbath day?” (Luke 13:16). Sons and daughters of Zion, it is about time to SURGE — your divine deliverance is on its way!

The number 10 signifies testimony, law, responsibility and completion, and 8 designates a new beginning, resurrection and regeneration. Many have been under sore affliction but in 2018, I see many Prisoners of Hope resting in God’s love, reveling in His sunshine and rejoicing in their salvation!


I was crying out to the Lord today; my heart was filled with sadness and despair. Deeply, I sensed many in the body of Christ have been weeping bitterly; their eyes run down with tears and eyelids gush out with water.

I see many soldiers are devastated, depressed, discouraged, in darkness and are overwhelmed with dismay. No matter what you are going through, no matter what has kept you bound, no matter what has caused you to feel isolated or what kind of bars you live behind today, take heart — “He is the Way!” (John 14:6)

It may be harsh and the enemy has hit you hard. But the Lord wants to encourage you to “keep pressing forward” (Philippians 3:14). The devil, the deceiver, destroyer and devourer, has come to wage war against you. Armies of the Living God, it’s time to grab your weapon, rise up in faith and praise your way through.

“Station yourselves, stand and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf” (2 Chronicles 20:17). The waves and wind still know His name — watch and see, He is getting ready to make you laugh! Where the word of a King is, there is power. Listen — I heard Him say, “Wait and see; your glory is just around the corner!”


Only the Lord of Hosts knows what you are going through. The enemy, crafty and cunning, is moving and using some specific targets to divert your attention, dismantle and strategically destroy you. Only the Lord can interpret your pang and pain that cannot be articulated. Be strong, sons and daughters of Zion; God is moving in this hour with enormous strength and speed.

Some of you are under attack; the enemy is attempting to discourage you, discredit you and cause doubt. Some things in your life are imprisoned right now but stand strong, warriors; the battle belongs to the Lord (1 Samuel 17:47), and He has a way out.

I had a vision where I SAW DOOR AFTER DOOR CLOSE, AND DIVINE DOORS OPEN. I am not sure what you are going through but stand your ground, for the Lord is getting ready to open the floodgates of heaven.

God is using this period as a season of preparation and promotion. It may feel like TORTURE right now, but keep holding on. Heaven has held conversations about you; station yourselves and take your stand. Angels have already been dispatched as an answer to your prayers — watch, your divine deliverance is at hand!

God is for you; His overwhelming love will see you through. He knows how to open the doors of heaven and give you a good break that can put you into overflow. There is a new beginning for you — “behold, God is doing a new thing” (Isaiah 43:19). I deeply sense that uncommon favor, unparalleled blessing, outpouring and manifestation are coming!


I have a word from the Lord of Heavenly Armies for some people here. Listen to those who have an ear to hear! Let your hands be not weak, you who have been going through trials by fire, tribulations and grievous troubles. The word of the Lord of Hosts came to me, saying You will no longer be going around in circles!”


“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight” (Hebrews 4:13); He has seen you struggling. He knows what you are going through and to the point of exhaustion — you have been striving. You have been wading in shallow waters; you have been wandering around in the wilderness. But the Lord, the creator of the ends of the earth, has given you promises that go beyond your present circumstances.


Now I see some of you have been going around in circles for YEARS and YEARS. You have gone weak, weary and worn-out — you’ve shed rivers of tears. Some of you asked “Why have I been in a long journey? When will the Lord come to my rescue and bring me into an exceedingly fruitful land, “a land flowing with milk and honey?” (Numbers 13:27)

Others have compassed this mountain — pains, problems, distress, disaster — long enough, and the Lord is telling you to Turn for yourselves north” (Deuteronomy 2:3). It’s about time to go away from that place; you have to change direction, you have to go forth! You’ve been imprisoned in a futile and fruitless ground which God did not intend you to be. It’s time to be unleashed, to be released; it’s time to break free!


You have been stuck in a rut for years; it’s time for an action and instruction. Move with God for He is doing something new — it’s time for a new direction. “Behold, I have set the land before you: go in and possess the land” (Deuteronomy 1:8). God is restating His promises to you and reminding you that “your times are in His hand” (Psalm 31:15).


Gather your strength; gird up your loins and GO IN! God has promised, and “all of His promises in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20). Go in; your enemies will fight against your “NOW BLESSING” but fear not — they will be defeated. God, who will cross over ahead of you, is a devouring fire and will devastate, drive them out and destroy them swiftly “for the Lord has given you that land that lies ahead” (Deuteronomy 1:8).

He has commanded you “to go in” and to take what is rightfully yours. Soldiers of faith, it’s time to go forth, it’s time to take possession of your inheritance and it’s time to TAKE IT BY FORCE!


It has been a week since I came back from Manila, Philippines for a 3-day church meeting. Seeing my country change for the better and being with a Spirit-filled church family that truly loves you, was simply overwhelming. Short visit, but it was worth it. God is moving and He is extending our church outside the Philippines — I will be part of it and I can’t wait to see the mighty move of the Holy Spirit!


God is very strategic; He plans His work and works His plans. He has been on the move, showing Himself strong on behalf of those who are willing to ARISE with Him, ASCEND and ADVANCE. He will carry out His plan decisively, “He will work out His plans for you” (Psalm 138:8). You are not seeing the fruit yet, but things are going to work out and all will come together in the end, “for all the LORD’s promises prove true” (Psalm 18:30).


There are some of you who have asked “Lord, why do I have to go through what I am going through?” You lift your eyes to the hills and are waiting for the Lord to come to your rescue. I see some of you are in a season where everything looks ugly, unpleasant and you feel utterly uncomfortable. You are trying to change your situation, trying to make things work out, trying something new and trying to leap over a wall.

Some of you have a word from the Lord to let go and move on. You have to decide to move with Him, for then He will take you to a new dimension. Be strong, I know it is going to be painful. But know this — when God moves you, it is but PURPOSEFUL and POWERFUL!

Stand firm — you will learn to live above these circumstances. Strengthen your heart, and the wisdom that you are going to learn will be priceless. Be patient — consider the farmers who patiently wait for the rains in the fall and in the spring, and eagerly look for the valuable harvest to ripen. The Lord is coming for you, to your rescue — help is coming from heaven.


Things may be tough now but I have a word burning in my heart and soul for you, “Be strong, for you will reach your destination!” The Unchangeable Changer is changing your status, story and situation. “But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded” (2 Chronicles 15:7). Be strong; He is on the way to deliver you, to accelerate your freedom, to turn the tables around and to open up doors that thrust you years ahead.

Watch, He is coming to get you out of your mess and debt. “Not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6). His furious love will see you through. Watch, He is coming to make your long-term dreams come true! 

His heart is ready to accelerate your healing. He is coming to accelerate your blessing. Better and brighter days are ahead. The Lord has spoken, “Be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded!”


There has been a MAGNETIC and majestic move of the Lord of heavenly forces and this move is way more forceful than ever before. In this season, the Spirit of the Living God is moving quickly than we thought, moving things and people around you, and moving hearts that are unafraid and undaunted to soar with the Savior.


When God moves, the earth shakes, the sea roars and people tremble. There is no way that we can outsmart, outwit or outmaneuver the Lord of Hosts – He is utterly unfathomable. Watch, in this period and in this season, He is moving you — you have to move with Him. The other day, I heard Him speak in my spirit, “Trust Me, I am going to make things happen so fast your head will swim!”

“The time will come,” says the Lord, “when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested” (Amos 9:13, NLT). “His righteous right hand has done mighty things” (Psalm 118:16), in this hour, He is moving with great momentum and speed.


“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). There are seasons that we have to walk by faith when dreams are delayed, seasons where our faith is being tested and seasons where we wait at the appointed time the vision will happen. But there are also seasons where God is speeding things up, seasons where “the Lord will execute His word on the earth, thoroughly and quickly” (Romans 9:28). Sons and daughters of Zion, this is the season — rejoice greatly!

I believe we are living in the day the prophet Amos said that the days are coming when the plowman will overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes will overtake the planter.” The Lord of harvest is in the business of speeding things up — harvest is here!


Many of you have been praying and believing God for something — the mighty move of God, the tide to turn in your favor, dreams to be accomplished, divine opportunities, deliverance and release. Others have been waiting for their Ruth or Boaz, uncommon breakthroughs, financial freedom, miracles, divine healing and increase.

In the natural realm, it looks like it is going to take forever for this to happen but watch and see — God will perform amazing things and speed up the process. I sense that God is going to accelerate your harvest; dare to believe and speak, believe and speak and He will show you how unspeakable His power is!


Only God can open doors no man can shut or close doors that no one can open. His hand is moving and He is getting ready to open the windows of heaven. He, who is unstoppable, knows how to speed things up — acceleration is coming your way. Move with Him, and He will remove every obstacle that is standing in your way; watch and see, there is a brand new beginning and a brand new day!

He is accelerating the harvest, accelerating your healing, freedom, deliverance, increase and promotion. Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, your King comes to you: He is just, and having salvation.” (Zechariah 9:9)


God is going to make things happen quicker than you thought or imagined — trust Him. “Trust Me, I am going to make things happen so fast your head will swim!” This is the season where God is going to launch you forward; you need to get ready. It is about time, and He will propel you into your destiny.

God’s intention can never be shaken; He will make things happen simultaneously, HE IS RAPIDLY PERFORMING THINGS. You won’t be able to keep up — everything will be happening at once — and everywhere you look, blessings!” (Amos 9:13, The Message)