“Your Greatest Opposition Is Setting Up Your Biggest Breakthrough!”

These words were deep in my heart; His spirit spoke to my spirit. I want to encourage those who have been misunderstood, mistreated, condemned, criticized, attacked and assailed — you are not walking through a pathway of defeat!

Trust Him In The Pruning, Purging And Purifying

Whoever needed this word, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is speaking to you. I believe that there is nothing that you go through that the Omniscient One doesn’t know. The season you are in may be utterly unspeakable but trust God in the process. Stop stressing for He has got this! You do not have to fight “the shaking and shifting.” Let God do what He needs to do and trust Him in the pruning, purging and purifying.

Hold Your Peace And Remain At Rest

Fear not what the attackers or your opponents may say — hold your peace and remain at rest. Stay focused and fearless for “faithful is He who promised” (Hebrews 10:23). Let not your heart be troubled (John 14:1) but yield your heart wholly to the Lord. Clearly, you have heard from Him so keep going and keep holding on to His word. The storm may be turbulent all around you. But remember that these attacks and oppositions always come before your biggest breakthrough.

The God Of Breakthrough Is Forcefully Moving

God is getting your heart ready for greater heights and greater depths in Him so that you can squash through every barricade and smash every blockage to experience an ever greater measure of His power and presence. Watch, for He is about to show off His magnificence!

The God of Breakthrough is forcefully moving in this period and in this season. Be fixed and firm in your faith; God is stabilizing your faith and your foundation. The King is still sitting on the throne and He wants to remind you. Remain unshaken for “Your greatest opposition is setting up your biggest breakthrough!”