Only the Lord of Hosts knows what you are going through. The enemy, crafty and cunning, is moving and using some specific targets to divert your attention, dismantle and strategically destroy you. Only the Lord can interpret your pang and pain that cannot be articulated. Be strong, sons and daughters of Zion; God is moving in this hour with enormous strength and speed.

Some of you are under attack; the enemy is attempting to discourage you, discredit you and cause doubt. Some things in your life are imprisoned right now but stand strong, warriors; the battle belongs to the Lord (1 Samuel 17:47), and He has a way out.

I had a vision where I SAW DOOR AFTER DOOR CLOSE, AND DIVINE DOORS OPEN. I am not sure what you are going through but stand your ground, for the Lord is getting ready to open the floodgates of heaven.

God is using this period as a season of preparation and promotion. It may feel like TORTURE right now, but keep holding on. Heaven has held conversations about you; station yourselves and take your stand. Angels have already been dispatched as an answer to your prayers — watch, your divine deliverance is at hand!

God is for you; His overwhelming love will see you through. He knows how to open the doors of heaven and give you a good break that can put you into overflow. There is a new beginning for you — “behold, God is doing a new thing” (Isaiah 43:19). I deeply sense that uncommon favor, unparalleled blessing, outpouring and manifestation are coming!