“From Arabah (Dry, Barren and Infertile Land) to the Land of Fullness”

I kept hearing His voice talking to my spirit, “You’re leaving Arabah; you’re leaving Arabah!” As I pondered on this, I learned that Arabah is “a wasteland” (Isaiah 35:6, NLT), a wilderness; a barren district, a parched land and an infertile area. It clearly implies an extremely dry place, “a desert” (Ezekiel 47:8, NLT) with hot and intense climate and without water or vegetation. To those who have been in this place and have desperately longed for fullness and fruitfulness, be prepared for a divine transition!

Prophetically, I believe that this word is NOT for everybody but I sense that the Lord is talking to some people here. Listen to those who have an ear to hear! Arabah is “a lowland area” through which the Jordan River flows south from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. It is “a low place,” a place where God did not intend you to be.

You have dwelt in this dry, barren and infertile land for years and have asked yourself “When will I ever come out of this?” “When will I ever be delivered from deprivation and distress?” You have been in the desert with sparse rainfall. You have gone around in circles; you have been in struggle.

Listen, YOU are leaving this low place! You are leaving the wilderness. You are leaving the barren land, the dry, infertile and unfruitful area and God is leading you to your God-given destiny. Satan, the deceiver and devourer, wants to steal, kill and destroy you, but the Lord has spoken, “I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

It has been years, but the time has come and the God of Harvest is now going to release His fullness and release you into the fullness of what He has divinely prepared for you. Be FIRM in the faith and BE POSITIONED for your breakthrough. Watch and see, for this is your season of refreshing. God is releasing a new wave of fire and mighty flood of prophetic anointing. There’s going to be a shift. There’s going to be a lift. God is releasing life-giving waters on you and intensifying your spiritual senses. BE POSITIONED — there’s going to be a metamorphosis!”

You are being positioned. You are being transitioned. You are leaving Arabah, the dry land, and everything within you will praise God for all that He is. You will sing a new song as He teaches you new steps and reveals new strategies. Warriors and worshippers, are you ready to march forward and dance? Watch and see, with new power and new force, YOU are leaving Arabah, the dry land, and entering into the land of increase and profuse abundance!!!