Something has been burning inside of me, something unexplainable and I deeply sense that there is something unexpected coming. A few days ago, before the throne of grace, I heard the mountains and the hills break forth before many brave hearts into singing!

I heard the trees of the field clap their hands with their branches. I heard a voice saying “This is NOT going to be a usual process.” I heard the sound of cascading waters speak “Bring your finger and behold My hands, be no longer in doubt.” I heard the Lord whisper in my ear, In joy, you will indeed go out and in peace, you will be led out.”


RIFT, by definition, is a detachment, rupture, fissure, break, gap, cleft, crack or opening; to come apart, to burst open, to split, to splinter. To SIFT is to separate, to pass through a sieve, to part, to set apart from others, to strain, to filter.

Some of you have had RIFT experiences over the past few months or years. You feel exceedingly overwhelmed, are crushed by your circumstances and at times, wondering if the Lord is still with you or hears your prayers.

Others have felt like being SIFTED; your world has turned upside down and caused you to feel like trampled sheaves on a threshing floor. But, you know that the time has come to lay aside every weight” (Hebrews 12:1), let go of some people who disbelieve, discredit or disregard you and leave the ones who hinder you from going higher as the Lord so desires for you to SOAR. Listen — you have the strength and stamina to let go. Say “No” to grow and go where the Holy Spirit is leading you.


The rift and time of sifting is but for a season. It may be painful but keep holding on. God has allowed this to happen to prepare, push you forward, propel and promote you. Watch, this season is coming to an end — soon your lips will praise the Lord of Harvest to whom all praise is due.


Hold your head high and keep holding on. I heard the Lord say, “It’s your DUE season!” There may be MOURNING now but open your eyes and you will be able to clearly see the “joyful MORNING approaching” (Psalm 30:5). Watch and see — the wind is changing! You may think you are not going to make it to the other side but the Lord is about to propel you from a sitting position into a running position. Keep pushing and pressing forward for He is ready to meet you halfway — His reward is with Him and it is exceedingly beyond your wildest imagination!