“Boon for June!”

I was way too excited to hear a word from the Lord today and asked Him this question, “Lord, what about the month of June? Immediately, I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters saying “June Boon!” At first, I thought I heard Him say “Boom” but He wanted me to get closer and closely listen. Then, He whispered “June Boon” and made sure that I heard it RIGHT; with gladness in my heart, I am releasing this word from the heart of heaven.

The Free Dictionary defines “boon” as a timely blessing or benefit; advantage, gift, donation, godsend, benefaction, gratuity; FAVOR, especially, one that is given in ANSWER to a REQUEST. I don’t know what it is that you have been praying and believing for, but whatever it may be, keep your hope alive for “FAITHFUL is He who promised” (Hebrews 10:23).

Many in the body of Christ have been asking God for a radical turnaround in their lives, divine healing, deliverance, rapid restoration or a financial breakthrough. Hear me — the Lord of Harvest has a word for you!

We are in the SEASON OF EXPECTATION. Prophetically, I believe that some of you are about to receive something that will blow your mind this month of June. Some of you will receive it in the next few months to come and it’s something that you have been believing God for. Your fearless faith and obedience are about to pay off; God is about to pour out His goodness in your life — expect His favor!

I sense that some of you will be receiving a good news from someone and afar, an answer to your request, “a divine favor,” “a suddenly,” and a HUGE financial blessing. Deeply, I also sense that some women, who have been branded as “barren” (the Hannahs, Sarahs and Rachels) but have strongly believed God for a “good gift,” will break forth into singing.

God is moving swiftly and shifting things; there are things and people “moving” around you in this hour and in this season. He is bringing His “gift,” His very best into your life and what the Lord is putting in place is going to completely overwhelm you — “June Boon!”

Stagger not but stand on His word and promises. With your mouth, decree and declare His word over your circumstances. Your breakthrough is coming — the Lord of Harvest says so. Listen — your FEARLESS FAITH and OBEDIENCE will make your heart leap for joy and “the Lord, who is in your midst, a mighty one who saves, will shout for joy over YOU!” (Zephaniah 3:17)